The Man Carpetbaggers Hated

Kailash Satyarthi’s moment of glory coincided with a UK court’s refusal to extradite Raymond Varley, a British paedophile, who allegedly abused and tortured children in a Goa orphanage for close to two decades.


Monument Valley, Manifest Destiny and Frybread

Our journey began in Denver, Colorado. We were on a 10- day long trip to the South Western USA. We are no strangers to city travels. Give us a map, and a list of good restaurants and any city becomes our oyster. But this was going to be a different trip.


The Anti- “Flavour Of the Month” Protests

Its 10:00pm in Penang, Malaysia, (7:30pm IST), time to catch up on Sun TV live Indian news. More than anything, for the last few months, the headlines start with PM Narendra Modi and soon it’s all about the protests here and there all over Tamil Nadu and if any, other parts of India.

Salman Ali

ISL: Harbinger of a better Football

India did never compete at the FIFA World Cup finals. But soon enough things could change with introduction of the Indian Super League writes Uzair Hasan Rizvi

Poet Chandramohan.ExpressMelton Antony.

Warscape Verses

S Chandramohan’s poems are a powerful commentary of a crises ridden society. They are protestations of a caste conscious society, of an ubiquitous poverty, of a degenerate wealthy class of people who understand only the glitzy riches of the corporate world. There are ‘leftist ‘ overtones in the poems- allusions to the middle class and the bourgieose.


Haider and the grim reality of Kashmir

The film Haider is devastatingly beautiful, achingly poetic, hauntingly sublime and unapologetically political will seduce you into attentive submission writes Srimoyee Tamuli Phukan


A walk in the clouds

In Meghalaya, nothing is easier to arrange. From the state capital of Shillong – a bustling city whose population has grown from some 30,000 in the early 1960s to some six million now – we took a taxi to Cherrapunjee, 50-odd km away.