Women civil society activists appeal

Representatives of women civil society delegations from India attending the ongoing Asian and Pacific Conference on Gender Equality and Women’s […]


Chutzpah and Catch 22

By Samhita Barooah   Life is getting more and more complex. Every situation is a catch 22 scenario. It seems […]


Requiem for Riverdale

If my sister Hemu had been around today she might well have been at the front of a cortege mourning the untimely demise of Archibald Andrews, longtime resident and foremost citizen of the idyllic small town of Riverdale, USA, who was shot dead by a homophobe while trying to protect his gay friend, Kevin Keller.


Volunteering can help save wildlife

An exciting new study by researchers from the Duke University, Wildlife Conservation Society and Centre for Wildlife Studies, has found that participation of non-scientists as volunteers in conservation can play a significant role in saving wildlife.