A poem happens

ANANYA S GUHA on the birth of a poem

It is not to search a poem

a poem happens as evening

does. Or the orange sunset

or the pariah’s limping

or even the outrage of rains.

A poem happens as winter does.

Or birth.

Or death.

In this there are spaces.

A poem walks them

and creates its own.

In childhood I saw poetry.

Read poems.

Bubble of curiosity.

Then when I took to writing


other voices called, asking for


A poem happens, keeps happening

all the time.

A fair weather friend.

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha works in the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Shillong (Meghalaya) as an Academic Administrator. He has over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience. He has six collections of poetry and his forms have been published world wide. Some of his poems are due to appear soon in an Anthology of Indian Poetry in English to be published by Harper Collins.