About Us

This is a dream to go global with local stories – tales of the marginalized, the under-reported, criss-crossing through geographical terrain and psychological barriers. Our soul lies in Northeast India. We wish to be international, savvy in our outlook towards the rest of India, South Asia, and the world. We hope to live and delve in the contemporary times and tell stories with a difference. We want to act as a bridge between the region and the world and what could be a better medium than an online news magazine. We hope to take the eight states to the world, and bring the world to our doorstep. There’s a lot to thumb through.

563“A splendid, daring, imaginative initiative. Will follow it closely and be educated by it,” says Ramachandra Guha.

Ramachandra Guha is an Indian historian and writer whose research interests include environmental, social, political and cricket history. His large body of work, covering a wide range of fields and yielding a number of rational insights has made him a significant figure in Indian historical studies, and Guha is valued as one of the major historians of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.

daniel1“It’s inspirational to see magazines like The Thumb Print thriving in South Asia as media elsewhere in the world succumbs to new technologies and shrinking readership. And it’s happening for a real old-fashioned reason: quality journalism,” says Daniel Lak, Al Jazeera.

Daniel Lak is the Canada correspondent for Al Jazeera English since January 2012. Previously, he worked for the BBC in South Asia from 1992 to 2004, based in Pakistan, India and Nepal.


331“The Thumb Print is my one-stop shop for reading about so many topics. It always features great writing, profound commentary, new angles on life, and a real edge. I love to read it and am privileged to have contributed, as well,” says Toby Miller.

Toby Miller is a British-Australian-US interdisciplinary social scientist.  He has a website, www.tobymiller.org, where you can follow his adventures. Toby Miller writes about globalization, culture, and the environment. His bias is: pro-feminist, anti-imperialist, pro-environment.

67“Love to read The Thumb Print, and also to write for it. The articles are informative and varied. There is always a good mix of local and the global which truly makes it a Complete Online Magazine,” says Mitra Phukan.

Mitra Phukan is a writer, translator, columnist and classical vocalist who lives and works in Guwahati, Assam. Her published literary works include four children’s books, a biography, and a novel, “The Collector’s Wife” (Penguin). Her most recent work is another novel, “A Monsoon of Music” (Penguin-Zubaan, 2011).

342“The Thumb Print is a timely venture – rooted in the details of everyday life in the region yet global in the questions it asks and issues it foregrounds. Being based in the UK, albeit with a studious interest in the North-East, the webzine has given me valuable information and insight. It uses the online space innovatively and effectively. I am absorbed by the many conversations Thumb Print conducts about India and the world.”

Daisy Hasan is Research Associate at the India Media Centre (IMC), University of Westminster, London.