‘Advent Christmas’ programme by RUCF ushers in the festive air

The festive season is here again. An open air ‘Advent Christmas 2017’ programme was hosted by RIST-USTM Christian Fellowship (RUCF) at the picturesque and sprawling USTM campus on the outskirts of Guwahati on Saturday evening. The programme commenced with the rendering of the opening hymn “O Come All Ye Faithful” by the RUCF choir group of 50 members comprising of student singers from all states of the Northeast.
Chujang Gangmei, President, RUCF, extended a warm welcome and felicitated R Chance, Associate Professor, Department of History, DM College of Arts, Imphal who was the guest speaker of the evening and Dr RK Sharma, Pro VC, USTM who was present as a special guest. On behalf of USTM, gifts and mementos were presented to Prof Chance by Dr Ajmal H Barbhuiya, Academic Registrar and Dr Amit Choudhury, HoD, Management Sciences, USTM. In a message given on the occasion, Dr RK Sharma exhorted the students to learn from the teachings of Jesus and spread love and brotherhood to make this world better.
In his address to the students, Prof Chance related many stories from his own life to tell the audience how he was going astray as a young man and then how he heard the call of God and then turned to a life of fulfilment and peace. He said, “The advent of Christmas should motivate you to go for a divine exchange. Throw away your sins and bad habits, and get honesty and purity in exchange.” He said once a person has fear of God in his heart, he would be able to handle all difficult situations with determination and grit.
The beautifully designed annual souvenir of RUCF “Maranatha” was released by the dignitaries present on the dais on the occasion. The inaugural session, chaired by Sister Meribeni Shitiri, came to an end with the formal vote of thanks offered by Brother Daker. The closing hymn “Joy to the World” was rendered by RUCF choir group. Christmas feast, bonfire, and musical extravaganza followed.