Advocacy Meeting to combat Medical Terrorism in Guwahati

A nationwide movement named “STOP MEDICAL TERRORISM” has been formally initiated by a group of victims of medical negligence and supporters of the cause under the platform of Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, Guwahati, demanding better health care services in India. The first advocacy meeting to combat medical terrorism and negligence was organised in Guwahati, where a large number of victims of medical negligence and supporters of this movement participated and prepared a roadmap for a nationwide movement.

Around 52 lakh medical injuries are recorded in India each year, of which around 98,000 result in fatalities. It is a matter of serious concern for the entire nation that ten people fall victim to medical negligence every minute and more than 11 people die per hour in the country due to medical error and negligence. It is the eighth leading cause of death in the world. Approximately 30 lakh years of healthy life are lost in the country each year due to medical negligence, which is not acceptable at any cost. These facts were discussed in the meeting with input from medical professionals, law professionals and administration.

Dr Putul Mahanta, Professor of Tezpur Medical College and researcher of medico legal practices, enumerated the growing rate of medico legal issues in the country and its root causes. Assam Police Additional Director General R. Chandranathan expressed his views to combat the criminal negligence of medical profession. A few victims of medical negligence and supporters of this movement shared their views on the pain, the anguish, the condemnation, the distress and the humiliation that the patients and their family members face. They also highlighted how people who are already helpless and in need of care are subjected to further harassment by people who should be taking care of them.

Dr Ankuran Dutta, convenor of this movement and the Managing Trustee of Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, appreciated the contribution of the supporters and the media persons in making the initiation vibrant.  He also requests all the victims and well-wishers to support this movement by sending an SMS with the textJOIN ATRUST to 9220092200 or by giving a missed call to 02262116842. It was resolved in the meeting that on June 25, 2016 a nationwide protest against medical terrorism will be organised and July 19 will be observed as Anti Medical Terrorism Day. Prof. Srinath Baruah, former Vice Chancellor of K K Handiqui State Open University and Dr. Gitanjali Ghosh, Assistant Professor of National Law University also spoke on the issue.