Aizwal Rises with the One Billion

Megha Kashyap reports on the enthusiastic response of the One Billion Rising campaign in Mizoram’s capital city

With the entire world celebrating the spirit of women on the 14th of February, 2013, Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram too joined in to rise with the one billion. The increasing rates of violence against women in the capital have become a main concern for the authorities. Several organizations came forward and joined hands to celebrate the day. The main organizers of the event were Social Media Club, Assam, PUMP (People United for Music with a Purpose), Mizoram branch of YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) sponsored by Northeast Network and Sangat (South Asia). The function was held at YMA Hall, Chanmari and started off at 11 am. Eminent personalities and dignitaries joined in the event and showed their solidarity and support to ending violence against women in their city.

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Pi Julie Lalrinzami, Magistrate & Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Aizawl District appealed to the crowd to step forward and help the legal authorities to identify and also to eliminate all forms of violence against women and to make the streets of the city and its suburbs safe for the women. A pledge was led by Pi Lalnipuii, Chairperson, Mizoram state Women Commission for all the youth and the citizens to strive towards bringing equality for the women and to take the first initiative to stop all forms of discrimination and violence against women. Pi Laldikkimmi, Joint Director of Mizoram Social welfare Board, Prof. Lalneihzovi, Mizoram Univeristy Department of Public administration and President, all Mizoram Women Federation also briefed about the current instances of violence against women in Mizoram and future steps to prevent the same.

The event also witnessed profound cultural performances by leading artists and bands of the city. Mami Varte, Sangte Khuptong, Zoramchanni, C Sanga, Lalrempui (LPS Youth icon 2012) sang solo numbers in the event while popular bands like The Prophets, Atari Minor, Trobal Power, Eventflow, Cold Embrace, Victor and Friends, Blue Wave, Commora also played songs of peace and human rights. El-a Fanai played his saxophone and hummed the inner tune of peace and equality. The One billion rising video was also screened that day. All the performances of artists and bands stressed hard on passing a message to the crowd to be the first one to stop violence against women if they come across in their day to day lives and also upholding the spirit of women and their human rights. The entire event was hosted by Lian Sangluri, YWCA President.

It was enthusiastic to see all the young boys and girls coming together to celebrate one billion rising on the day which would otherwise had been spent passing on roses and wishes. The gathering was huge and the spirit of people to stop violence against women was high. It really was a success and the best part was the determination and will of the political and legal fraternity to seriously take steps post OBR to build Aizwal as a safe city for women.reneur. She is also project co-ordinator for Clean Guwahati initiative.

Megha Kashyap

Megha Kashyap

Megha Kashyap is Project Associate at North East Network and a social entrepreneur. She is also project co-ordinator for Clean Guwahati initiative.