Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – launch in Kolkata

Amazon is doing a road show in Kolkata to introduce their KDP platform on December 8, 2015 at Hotel Oberoi. Two years ago it was organised in Delhi to a resounding success. In India, the publishing landscape is very different to what happens internationally. In India the manner in which people embrace self-publishing is not a new phenomenon.

Traditionally in India people have relied upon self-publishing to get their literature printed. Now with digital tools being offered by Amazon it only makes lives of some authors easier. Hence Amazon is organising this road show in Kolkata. Anyone who is interested in self publishing their book online or reading is welcome to attend.

It could be a book or a manual ranging from fiction, non-fiction, self-help, first aid manuals, medicine, science, gardening, cooking, collection of recipes, gardening, automobiles, finance, memoir, children’s literature, textbooks, science articles, on nature, poetry, translations, drama, interviews, essays, travel, religion, hospitality, etc. Any form of text that is to be made available as an ebook using Amazon’s Kindle programme.

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