Ananya S Guha: profile of a poetry editor




It’s not easy showcasing a poetry editor who has been showcasing several poets for the prestigious magazine such as The Thumb Print published from the Northeast. That he himself is a well published poet, educator, children’s writer, and commentator, adds several layers to his seemingly straightforward job of editing poetry and commissioning.


Ananya Guha’s list of honors is long. Especially in the Northeast, he stands tall among a range of very diverse and dedicated writers. His latest poetry collection, ‘ Hills of Slow Time” is scheduled to be out this year. Featured in platforms such as The Telegraph, Indian Literature, Journal Of Indian Writing In English, New Welsh Review, The Statesman, Gloom Cupboard, Poets International, New Asian Writing, Glasgow Review & associated journals, Muse India, Kritya, RaedLeaf Poetry, etc., and included in several anthologies including Harper Collins Book Of English Poetry.


Well known among writers and poets from the Northeast, Guha thinks “too much categorization” may be futile for poetry from the region, although writing emerging from North East India has its own flavour, distinct touch, smell and sound. “North East India is very much a part of the disputatious ‘mainland’,” he maintains. Attempts to make them dialectical opposites can cause harm, he says.


Guha has a slew of work featured in reputable publications such as The Telegraph, Times of India, Asian Age, The Shillong Times, The Sentinel, Indian Review Of Books, and Indian Book Chronicle. His book reviews, articles on education, and distance education have appeared in University News, Education India Review, UNDP Publication, The Telegraph Muse India, etc.


A broadcaster for All India Radio and Doordarshan, Guha has a book of poems for children, ”Rhyme & Reason”, published by Partridge (2014). He doesn’t particularly feel any inconvenience as regards his poetic style when it comes to editing poetry which is a regular for him. “The vast diversity of styles that I encounter is a cause for dispassion and eclectic choice,” Guha says.


His oeuvre spread over a variety of genres, Guha has written a series of text books for children in Meghalaya entitled ” Creativity Is Fun ” for classes five to ten, and has been editing a poetry column for The Thumb Print Magazine for over one and a half years, while being a regular contributor/ book reviewer for TTP. Currently, as Regional Director, IGNOU Regional Centre in Jorhat, Guha’s passion has been aided well by the works he chose to read early on. The character of Mr. Biswas in A House for Mr. Biswas by VS Naipaul is such “an incorrigible dreamer prepared to face any consequence” is one such influence. Little wonder then, Guha believes in dreaming on for writing to take him to new heights.

Nabina Das

Nabina Das

NABINA DAS is the author of a short fiction collection "The House of Twining Roses-Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped", a novel "Footprints in the Bajra", and two poetry collection titled "Into the Migrant City" and "Blue Vessel". Nabina blogs at and teaches Creative Writing in classrooms and workshops. The views expressed are her own.