Anti-Medical Terrorism Day observed in Guwahati on July 19

The Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust feels happy that the issue of “Medical Terrorism” has been placed and deliberated at the 32nd general session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations, Geneva recently by an NGO named Prahar.  The Trust also conveys gratitude for observing Patients’ Rights Day nationally on June 25.  A nationwide movement named “STOP MEDICAL TERRORISM” has been initiated by a group of victims of medical negligence and their supporters under the platform of the Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, Guwahati from May 14, 2016 demanding better and transparent health care services in India.

It is a matter of serious concern for the entire nation that about 52 lakh medical injuries are recorded in India, of which around 98,000 people lose their lives every year. Approximately 30 lakh years of healthy life are lost in the country each year due to medical negligence, which is not acceptable at any cost. To create awareness and improve the condition of healthcare services in India, the Trust has decided to observe Anti-Medical Terrorism Day on July 19 to commemorate the untimely demise of Dr. Anamika Ray, a renowned media educator of the country, who had her life’s lights snuffed out too early due to utter medical negligence, nay, medical terrorism, in a hospital in New Delhi. This day will be observed in many parts of the country and even in Dhaka and Colombo. In Assam, a candle light demonstration has been organised at Dighali Pukhuri in Guwahati and at Daulamukh Chariali of Sivasagar town on the evening of July 19 as a symbolic protest to improve the healthcare services in India.

The trust has prepared a list of ten points as demands to the state and union governments for improving the present healthcare condition of the country. The demands include CCTV surveillance in the hospital premises, ICU monitoring facility, availability of the indoor case file or ticket, recording of surgery, prompt action towards negligence issues, prevention of laboratory nexus, prescription of generic medicine, incorporation of a course on medical ethics and communication between doctor-patients in the medical programme, development of the skills of paramedical staff,  development of record-keeping mechanism on the cases pertaining to medical error and negligence, etc.  The Trust urges all to observe Anti Medical Terrorism Day by lighting a candle in front of their residence on the evening of July 19 (Tuesday).

The Trust reiterates that the purpose of the movement is to bring about improvement in health care services in the country through legislation aimed at systemic changes. It is a distant and difficult goal but the movement is determined to succeed so that victims of Medical Terrorism can find justice, so that doctors who wish to and are trying to make a difference through their actions can do so with greater ease, and so that there is greater and justified trust in the relationship between medical professionals and patients. The Trust urges the public not to be swayed by divertive and misleading arguments and to support the movement. To support the movement launched by this Trust, any supporter can type JOIN ATRUST and ‘SMS’ it to 9220092200 or give a missed call to 02262116842.