Being a radio jockey in Northeast India

RJ NABISH ALAM gives tips on being a radio jockey in Northeast India

I am always accosted or approached many a times with the question “I want to become a Radio Jockey!”

To which I ask them: That’s good…But why do you think so? To which I am provided with the answer…Because I love to talk…I murmur within “You are disqualified at the very first go”.

RJing is not only talking, it’s beyond what many actually think. When you work as RJ you are not only assigned a show (or two, three…Or whatever) you have to get into the format of the show, understand the vibe, script it properly.

RJ is not only involved in his or her show he/she also helps in smooth functioning of the station..Be it co-assisting the other RJs or the programming team which involves in all the creative work of the station (be it ads, jingles, other creative activities). He/She is one of the most responsible representative of the station or the brand…During crisis RJs have to maintain their cool and sort out the crisis in a very smooth way as if nothing happened..The listeners should never feel about it .

Fm radio is a whole professional world inclusive of the fun and entertainment associated with it .So you have to be a professional first (hence cultivate the habit at the first before you even aspire for it)

Multitude of aspirants from numerous training institutes is bewitched by the word “RJ” as they find glamour in it. But “Glamour “is so not easy and to retain it is a further difficult task.

Some essential pre-requisites required:

1) Good Voice

2) Clarity of Voice

3) Voice Modulation & Intonation

4) Excellent Communication

5) Thinking beyond the box

6) Unique style of talking retaining the originality

7) Creativity at its best

8) Empathy

9) Scripting ability with great animation

10) Sound Understanding of the city, its culture and entertainment where the station is based and last but not at all the least

11) Computer Savvy (good knowledge on computer is essential for working in a Radio Station as one is required to record,package,edit if and when required using sound effects)

12) And good knowledge on the language: English, Hindi and the mother tongue most importantly

13) Tackling callers online establishing rapport with the listeners as for them the radio is build

There are very few FM Channels in Guwahati or North East. If sources are to be believed then there are few more FM station joining in opening avenues for employment to the aspirants. Even the existing one lookout for candidates with exclusive zeal and spark and possessing the aforementioned characteristics.

Sources say soon FM channels shall be integrating news too not only confining to entertainment which literally means infotainment (most of the stations do provide infotainment within their purview).

But the moot question to whosoever reading this is: Do you actually want to become RJ sans the glamour? Why do you want to be RJ? Passion, respect for the profession or simply you like to talk? Give a thought …Wishing you all the best !!!

Nabish Alam

Nabish Alam

Just six years young in the industry; Nabish Alam has been fortunate enough to be part of radio, television and stage which is why he introduces himself as a media professional with stint in TV (as a news presenter, programme host and programme producer), Radio (as a radio jockey and voice over artist) and emcee …and the learning continues …… Positivity, vibrancy and alacrity in the self and giving respect to others is what he strongly adhere to. A little emotional and a little less practical (carrying all the Cancerian traits) he always believes in the saying, "Always look into life as opening new doors. Never be hopeless, never be meaningless”