Best reads of the year

Author and journalist INDRANI RAIMEDHI picks the top ten books she has read in 2013

Talking about books I cannot but help sharing this. “Outside of a dog a book is a mans best friend . Inside of a dog it is too hard to read.” The listing of the books are in no particular order writes INDRANI RAIMEDHI
Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri — This is an unforgettable saga of two brothers and the tragedy that befalls a bengali middle class family during the naxalite movement of the 1970s at its heart is a melancholy woman who nurses a dark secret lahiris limpid prose and examplary plotting mnakes this a gripping read.
It rained all night by Buddhadev Bose newly translated into english this bold novel was banned when it first came out in 1967. It has a strong contemporary feel to it even today and explores the most intimate spaces of the human heart .The theme of adultery has been handled with searing honesty.
The house with a thousand stories by Aruni Kashyap: Kashyap blends the intrigue of family secrets with Assam’s violent contemporary history. Though it is a dark novel there is a tenderness in the authors rendition of the rural countryside .
Windhorse by Kaushik Barua: A breathtaking and ambitious debut novel by Kaushik Barua, it follows the lives of a group of Tibetan rebels who set up an armed resistance against the chinese years of solid research and a fine grasp over the niceties of storytelling combine to make this book eminently readable.
Songs of blood and sword by Fatima Bhutto: The author was only 14 when her father Murtuza Bhutto was killed the the police. The grieving and angry  fatima believes it was done at the behest of her aunt. This stark book reveals the brutal world of pakistans most famous political familyand the lengths one will go to attain power.
Solo by Rana dasgupta: It is a strange and brilliant novel the first half is devoted to the blind ulrich who is  almost hundred and has seen the painful transistion of bulgaria fromm communism to capitalism  the second half consists of stories set in bulgaria and new york . It is a book which engages the reader at many levels.
Deliver us from evil by David Baldacci a real page turner in the classic baldacci mould . evan waller is a monster readying to take thousands of lives to profit from his new enterprise can he be stopped in time. This forms the crux of the novel.
The temple goers is journalist Atish Taseer’s debut novel. In it he describes in graphic detail the follies and foibles of delhis brash and grasping middle class. Interestingly author V S Naipaul appears in the book in a thinly disguised cameo.
The gamechangers sixty years of IIT by Yuvnesh Modi, Rahul Kumar and Alok Kothari the book profiles brilliant IIT graduates who have turned their backs to the cushy corporate world to become entrepreneurs. It is essential reading for the new generation.
The museum of innocence by Orhan Pamuk this is a bewitching novel of memory desire and thwarted love told with great passion and elegance. Never since Madam Bovary and Anna Karenina has romantic love been so heart breaking.