‘Blurred Perimeters’ opens up new horizons for school children in Kaziranga, Assam


 Easel Art Foundation was launched in the year 2015. The objectives of the Foundation are to generate ideas and solutions for future and exploring the areas of ecology, pedagogy, health, art, culture and community in the social and cultural context of Northeastern India. The Foundation’s focus is to work with the children in the rural areas, and to guide them. Secondly, it makes an effort to collaborate with creative minds from multiple disciplines to bring their ideas to life for self-growth by providing wider community access. This information was shared by Wahida Ahmed, founder Secretary of Easel Art Foundation, with a section of media in Guwahati in an informal interaction with them on completion of one of her dream projects, “The Blurred Perimeters.”


The Blurred Perimeters saw the convergence of 12 eminent artists of India at the Kaziranga National Park area. They spent two days interacting with local artists and school children sharing with them intricacies of artwork and giving them a direction for excelling in this field. The workshop conducted by the artists spread over two days, March 3 & 4, in which there were art lessons, field visits, interactive sessions, and exchange of ideas. On the first day, 51 underprivileged children drawn from local schools, were divided into 15 groups, each consisting of 4-5 students, and they were given comprehensive lessons on using dots and lines to create a work of art representing day to day activities of life. The young artists were told that if they took art seriously, it could be a lucrative profession for them.

The 12 eminent artists – Gogi Sarojpal, Farhad Hussain, Vinod Sharma, Sudip Roy, Anand Panchal, Dileep Sharma, George Martin, Laxman Alley, Shampa Sirca Das, Binoy Verghese, Simanta J Baruah, Dharmendra Prasad, and Pallav Saikia – came from Indian metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Hyderabad, and Thiruvanantapuram. They were overwhelmed not only by the scenic beauty of Kaziranga but also by the creative ability of the local youngsters.

Wahida Rahman added, “With a motto to educate and serve the underprivileged children of the region, we have been conducting art workshops and other creative activities, particularly in the rural areas to acclimatize the kids with the rudiments of the beauty of art, and how it can be channelised to bring their ideas to life for self-growth by providing wider community access.”

During the two-day programme in Kaziranga, the children were taken to cultivation fields and made to replicate what they saw on ground to paper and canvas given to them. Easel Art’s plan to reach the vernacular schools and to motivate the students to make art a tool of daily life was fulfilled to a great extent through the programme, Blurred Perimeters.


While State Agriculture Minister Atul Bora attended the event and felicitated the visiting artists, the State Tourism Department extended various kinds of support for the success of the programme.

Wahida Ahmed also informed that her Foundation had started a commercial art gallery in Zoo Road in 2008. The same will be reopened in Kharguli during the forthcoming Bihu festival. The creations of the children during the workshop will be displayed in the gallery.

Nurul Laskar

Nurul Laskar

Nurul Islam Laskar was born in Shillong on June 18, 1950. A University topper and gold medallist, he joined the State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer in 1972. In 1976, Laskar was awarded the Rotary International Group Study Exchange Scholarship to visit on home stay in the state of Oklahoma USA. He was conferred Honorary Citizenship of Oklahoma during this visit. Laskar served as the Chief Manager (Public Relations & Community Services Banking) at SBI Local Head Office (North Eastern Circle), Guwahati during 1994-2002. He was recipient of Loyola College Chennai’s Mother Teresa Award for outstanding Community Service in 2001. In 2002, he took voluntary retirement from SBI and served as Consulting Editor, The Sentinel (English Daily) from 2002 to 2004 and as Executive Editor, Eastern Chronicle (National English Daily) from 2009 to 2014. Around this time, Laskar set up CABSFORD PR, the first public relations agency of North East India. Laskar is the first PR practitioner of North East to get a post graduate degree in Public Relations. He teaches PR at BCMJ, Cotton University, Guwahati and conducts PR workshops at various universities and institutes as a visiting lecturer. Presently, Laskar is the Chief Adviser, Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) Guwahati Chapter and Founder Director of ‘Learning & Promoting Public Relations’ (LAP-PR), an organisation to promote the practice of PR among the youngsters of North East. Besides, he is also the Director (Corporate Communication) at University of Science & Technology Meghalaya (USTM) and Honorary Director at Tangent Public Relations Guwahati.