Bordoloi’s Asian Fusion in New Jersey, USA

 Assamese entrepreneur Mark Bordoloi is successfully running his two food joints Bordoloi’s in New Jersey, USA. He speaks to The Thumb Print on his venture


1. Please tell us more about your restaurant. How did u end up doing it?


Answer: Thank you! We have two restaurants under the brand name “BORDOLOI’s”. One is Bordoloi’s Indian Fusion and the other one is Bordoloi’s Asian Fusion. Indian Fusion mark1is currently serving Authentic Indian Fusion Cusines and Asian Fusion is serving Indo-Chinese and Thai Cusines. Both the restaurants are located in the Central New Jersey, USA.  We wanted to give our guests a competitive fine dinning experience. Most of the Guests Say “Finally a New York Style Restaurant in New Jersey”. The restaurants are capable to host private parties upto 120 guests and provide catering to the capacity of 20-2000 guests. Before venturing into the full service Restaurant, we wanted to serve as an Online Meal Ordering Portal. We developed a portal called (now As per our research, we can target approximately 2500-4000 guests during the lunch hours from the neighbouring corporates and local communities. After 6 months of service, we realized that the demand is increasing so we needed our
own full service restaurant. We started our first restaurant naming it as BORDOLOI’s
Indian Fusion in August 2012 and in April 2013 we started our second restaurant BORDOLOIS’s Asian Fusion.


2. Tell us about your early life. Did u ever imagine that u would be an entrepreneur?

Answer: I was lucky to start my career working under very successful mentors like Joseph Vargese at Thompson Presss, Noida, India and Ajay Khurana at ISoft technologies, New Delhi, India. I learnt how to coordinate with clients/customers and manage small to large projects confidently. I learnt CONFIDENCE. Since childhood I had a dream to do something on my own. When I was in school I kept dreaming of driving my own FIAT. So, I think I am here to do something on my own and started trying new things.
My First venture into IT was successful and gave me
confidence in continuing as a Start Up Entrepreneur.


3. Struggles you faced?

Answer: It is always a challenge for the Start ups. We started the first restaurant on the basis of our Research. Locally we saw too many Indian/Asian restaurants serving the same menu. It was very difficult provide the same menu differently. We hired an experienced Fusion Chef to provide training to our staff. Usually, people go with the Indian Names but we had to position BORDOLOI’s. We had to promote the Brand locally by organizing events, giving Discount coupons and supporting locals.


4. What’s the usp of your restaurant

Answer: Guest Service, Ambience and the Competitive Indian/Asian Fusion menu.


5. Do u serve northeastern cuisine?

Answer: Currently It’s not available in the Menu. However, we keep trying occasionally.


6. Any plans of expansion

Answer: Yes. We plan to go Franchise in few years.


7. How tough is the competition?

Answer: With the growing number of Indian Population, we see number of India/Asian restaurants also increasing day by day. So, it’s important for us to maintain Quality and Prompt service all the time.


8. Best compliment your restaurant ever got?
Answer: We usually keep getting Positive comments from our guest. One of the best was from a guest whose son is allergic to Nuts, after the meal he said “For the first time, my son finished his dinner happily”.