Bow love

Designer OMI GURUNG adds a traditional yet contemporary twist to a piece of fabric tied around a shirt collar by men as necktie


Bow ties are back with a bang, many men today love wearing it and there is no doubt about that. A bow tie worn as an accessory is a great way to create a relaxed yet elegant and stylish look.



Fashion designer Omi of Oh My India, has given a desi twist to the accessory by using hand woven fabric like Dhaka, brocade, kalamkari print, block print and naturally dyed fabric. Titled “Contemporary Charm”, Omi’s bow tie collection is 100% hand made with great care and love. (Shop the collection online here


According to the designer, “Finding a great shirt with a good fit is crucial while wearing a bow tie. A shirt that fits well is a shirt that touches your body without strangling it.” Omi adds, “Also collar of a shirt is an important element to check, do not wear a shirt, if the collar is too tight or loose when you button it up.”



Wear it as a casual, semi-formal or formal fashion, all we know is bow ties turn up the cool crowd and men look dapper in it.




The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century. It was originally used as a scarf around the neck by them to hold together the opening of their shirts.


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Omi Gurung

Omi Gurung

Omi Gurung is a well known green Indian fashion designer, writer and green activist. He describes himself as a dare devil with quicksilver tongue and maverick mind; who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the founder of a social group Oh My India and owner of Sikkim's first eco boutique Green Gangtok. At a young age of 23, he worked as a fashion editor for a magazine run by Shakti Media Group in Bangalore. He enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle and social issues. At present he also writes a regular column for Sikkim Insight.