Breezy outfits for me this summer: Dipannita Sharma



In our special summer series, celebrated individuals from India’s Northeast share their secrets to beat the summer heat. So, stay cool, look chic and leave your imprint this summer


Mumbai-based model and actor DIPANNITA SHARMA shares her cool summer plans


I am not doing anything special for summer in fact this time. My mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law alongwith my one-year-old nephew decided to spend their holidays with me!dip_model3 So I am playing host to my family who’s holidaying in Mumbai and staying with me and it’s been wonderful spending this summer with them.


Moreover I am busy with my table tennis team and working towards the upcoming #MSL (Mumbai Super League). The tournament is on the 20th and 21st of June so I literally can’t move from Mumbai. I am really looking forward to the rains as I do every year and post the tournament if I get a breather I might take an impromptu trip out of town with hubby and family but as of now my plans this summer is just work.


I have been keeping my outfits as breezy as possible – easy pants, shirts, shorts, long/knee length dresses. Cottons, linens and cool colours are my favourites in the summer especially in a weather like that of Mumbai. Shoes must always be easy slip-ons for me during this time.


The need to gorge on fresh fruits has increased. I find my hot meals intake is smaller because I would rather have a big bowl of curd – brown rice with brown sugar and keep the main meal small.That’s a lot more appetising and turns out to be a healthy option in this weather. Besides, I prefer to have a lot of juices and water to keep myself hydrated.