Conversation on Indrani Raimedhi’s book

Here are a few teasers for our readers.


  1. What happens when a fairytale turns to your worst nightmare and the love of your life is a stranger with a secret?
  2. Who is that spunky woman who battles darkness every waking moment yet shows the light to others?
  3. Who is the sixty year old daredevil who drives her car at top speed while revealing the riveting story of her life?
  4. What happens when a gunman bursts into a room where two women are whispering?
  5. Why did they stalk this woman, make menacing phone calls and try to push her under the wheels of a car?
  6. Who makes national award winning films yet tends to her husband’s every need?
  7. Who straps her baby daughter to her back and sets out on a perilous journey to uncover the truth?
  8. How can you figure out the enigma of a woman whose life’s passion is to be astride her beloved elephants?
  9. Why are the police looking for a teenage girl who moves from one house to the other as a fugitive?  
  10. Would you like to meet the woman who walks tall even when each step is an excruciating move?  
  11. Who is that lone woman running across  the countryside one dark moonless night?
  12. Who is that ferocious woman who packs a mean punch and has made victory her second name ?


Come, unravel these stories about 12 remarkable women in our conversation on Dec 11.  Thumb Print Conversations, an initiative of the webzine will host another exciting conversation in collaboration with North East Writers’ Forum (NEWF).


The conversation will revolve around 12 women from different parts of the northeast who feature in Indrani Raimedhi’s new book “My Half of the Sky” (Sage). Indrani Raimedhi is a indrani3journalist, a columnist, and an author. She won the Kunjabala Devi Award for Investigative Reporting on women issues in 2004. She is at present Feature Editor with the Assam Tribune daily (established 1939) and was recruited as the first woman journalist in the editorial department in 1989. Author of nine books, Raimedhi’s four anthologies of short stories include The Season Coming, The Concubine’s Room, The Night Journey, and The Stranger’s Touch. Her books for children have been used in schools as rapid readers. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in national magazines as well as in Austria and The Netherlands. Raimedhi has been Resource Person at IGNOUs Phone-in-Creative Writing Program in All India Radio, Guwahati. Several of her stories have been translated and also made into television serials. She has researched and anchored a six-part series on Assam’s greatest living writers. She has visited Germany, Belgium, and UK as a delegate of an AINEF—European Union Gender Project. At present she is giving the finishing touches to another anthology of short fictions titled A Season of Waiting.



The 12 women who feature in this book are survivors and pathfinders, doers and dreamers, leaving in their wake surging inspiration and hope. Their testimonies reveal what it is to live in this often forgotten corner of India. They have overcome personal tragedy, broken the falters of tradition, discrimination, and coped bravely with the harrowing experience of violence and uncertainty.


The welcome address will be by Srutimala Duara, author and academic.


The conversation will be moderated by the King of Tripura, Pradyot Manikya.  Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma, also known as P. B. K. Manikya (born July 4, 1978), is the head of the royal family of Tripura. He was born in Delhi,and now resides in Tripura, Agartala. He is the editor of TNT-The Northeast Today and Chairperson of the Royal Heritage Hotel.


The introductory remarks will be made by author and bureaucrat Dhruba Hazarika.


The concluding remarks will be made by entrepreneur Juhie Saboo Singh.