Conversation on Juvenile Justice

Thumb Print Conversation will explore the new amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act

Thumb Print Conversation in association with Matri, an ngo will debate the topic “Should we treat juveniles as adults in rape cases?”

Matri Matri wjuvenile1as founded on January 10, 2010. It is an association of resourceful mothers of from various fields. It is an associate of Snehalaya. Matri is an organization devoted to the advocacy of child rights. Matri envisions a society where every child enjoys all   basic rights  and Matri’s mission is to ensure the promotion and protection of Child Rights. It  publishes a journal titled VOICE OF MATRI which highlight specific issues pertaining to child rights.

The conversation will be moderated by senior IPS officer Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta  and the ice-breaker will be actor Kopil Bora.

Do join us for an invigorating conversation over a cup of tea.