Conversation on ‘Sanitation needs of Women’

People have different needs, interests in, access to and control of resources and services based on a variety of factors including gender. An integrated approach to water and sanitation recognizes these differences and the disparate priorities they create for women and men. The involvement of women and girls is crucial to effective water and sanitation projects. Women and girls in developing countries bear most of the burden of carrying, using and protecting water. They also have the most responsibility for environmental sanitation and home health. 
Sanitation Scribes will organise a conversation on “Understanding the Sanitation needs of Women”.
Venue: India Club, Guwahati
Date: April 10, 2015
Time:  3:30 pm
The ‘Sanitation Scribes’ initiative between Shishu Sarothi and Thumbprint Foundation, supported by UNICEF Assam is a unique one that aims to bring into focus issues around Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Assam. Achievement of WASH targets including elimination of open defecation and availability of safe drinking water, depends to a large extent on creating awareness and sensitization among communities for which it is critical to make WASH issues an acceptable and urgent ‘talking point’ in the public discourse. Media plays an important role in raising relevant issues, and increasing public consciousness and acceptability of certain issues.
People from different walks of life are expected to participate in the conversation.