Dark and dense

ASHUTOSH AGNIHOTRI pens his thoughts on heart’s desires

You were standing under the tree
The dark ,dense shade gently
Caressing your face, letting the
Sweat drops glisten before they
Merged in the whiff of cool air.

Your eyes were glued to the vacant
space, seeing a half drawn sketch
Struggling to assume a known form-
A name that your ears would love to hear
The dark brooding eyes that would open
To see you and close to see your dreams.

The lips that would remain half open
Waiting to remove the dry leaf or
The dead petal which could
Fall anytime and get entangled
In your long and dark tresses.

Suddenly you crossed your arms
And placed them against your breast
Ostensibly to conceal the fragrance of
Your last embrace and perhaps
To hide the fast and heavy
Beating of your heart and its loud
Resounding, resonating reverberation
Of your desires and passion-
Uncontrolled, unbridled and unabashed.

You were standing under the tree
Trying to appear controlled and composed
Smiling assuredly, talking softly
Resting against the old, rough trunk
But the tree, its shade and leaves
Its trunk and fruits and flowers
Even the deep seated roots
Witnessed the chaos and music
of your Heart’s desires.

Ashutosh Agnihotri

Ashutosh Agnihotri

An IAS officer of 1999 batch, Ashutosh Agnihotri hails from Kanpur. He has a masters degree in English Literature. He is interested in Literature, both English and Hindi, Cricket and astrology. He is presently the Commissioner and Secretary, Planning and Development, Science and Technology, Tourism, Government of Assam.