Debarshi Mitra’s verse has a meditative poise



Debarshi Mitra, only 21, is a promising poet. His verse shows refinement, maturity and has a meditative poise.


Debarshi Mitra is a 21 year old poet from New Delhi , India. His debut book of poems ‘Eternal Migrant’ was published in May 2016 by Writers Workshop. He has previously contributed to anthologies like ‘Kaafiyana’ and to literary magazines like ‘Typewrite’. He is currently enrolled in an ‘Integrated PhD’ program in Physics.


On the street 

that I’ve known

for the last decade

afternoon tilts gently

against the shadow 

of your absence 

smudging the lines

between the worldly

and the animal

once again

melting desire 

and melancholy

against the outlines

of a body content

to lie with its back

against the sun

to submit 

to the perpetuity 

of small reccurrences.

To just be like this

for once

to live one life

and to dream


of yet another.




Do you remember 

that old mosque

and the roof behind it

where we once held hands 

for the very first time,

and saw evening descend

dream-like across the city

and how,

many years later

in a different continent, 

the tip of your pen

returned to that evening 

just as much

as the one 

in which you left.




It seems at this time of the night,

I could bring my neighborhood to a standstill

just by wishing if it were so. Only the street lamps

flicker in nervous anticipation and precisely

at the designated corner, the night watchman

holds up his unfinished cigarette 

and sucks time into his lungs. The windows

remain shut, all stray dogs occupy their respective

places in the universe.  Not a leaf dares to quiver.

Even the shadow of the thought of you in my bed

refuses to leave.


Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha works in the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Shillong (Meghalaya) as an Academic Administrator. He has over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience. He has six collections of poetry and his forms have been published world wide. Some of his poems are due to appear soon in an Anthology of Indian Poetry in English to be published by Harper Collins.