Design fest in Gangtok


2DAY4TOMORROW is a two-day design festival conceptualized by B.R.E.W., a collaborative social space and Echostream, a local design studio here in Gangtok, Sikkim to be held on the 8th and 9th of November, 2013.

In this two-day workshop, twenty-four students from different schools of Sikkim will be a part design thinking process and it will give them an opportunity to express their ideas for a better educational system for tomorrow.

The festival will look at gaining insights from the students and teachers about how an ideal learning environment should be,the teaching methodologies that could be practiced to improve interactionand how technology could be explored as its best possibility to aid learning.

The young minds along with the aid of teachers and designers will then be a part of a design process where they shall design and build prototypes of how they see this ideal learning environment.The designs created by the students will also be showcased as an exhibition for the public on Childrens’ Day (November 14th).

Also as part of the festival, an exhibition on works of the creative professional of Sikkim will be highlighted to expose the students on creative profession and career they could aspire to. Success stories on design thinking and design practices in schools will be shared during the film screening sessions.