English Novelist Rohan Gogoi Debuts as Urdu Poet

Pune-based English novelist of ‘Chasing Maya’ fame, Rohan Gogoi, launched his maiden Hindi-Urdu poetry collection – “Rahgeer-e-Rehguzar”. Gogoi unveiled the book in an exclusive launch event hosted by Crossword Bookstores, Pune.

Notably, Gogoi is a first generation Hindi speaker. He hails from the Northeastern state of Assam, and arguably, the first published Hindi-Urdu poet from the region. “Rahgeer-e-Rehguzar” is his first literary endeavour in Hindi and Urdu. Published by Pune-based Western India Imprints, the book features a fine selection of Gogoi’s original works in Hindi and Urdu and encapsulates an astounding range of deep and dark facets of human emotions.

Congratulating Gogoi on the launch of “Rahgeer-e-Rehguzar”, eminent Bollywood lyricist, Sameer Anjaan, commented, “The poems reveal a genuine endeavour to explore the depths of human-life. Gogoi’s language is lucid, yet profound. In spite of being a successful English novelist, his command over Hindi and Urdu is notable.”

A versatile wordsmith, Gogoi speaks several Indian languages including Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali; and apart from writing novels in English, he pens lyrical poetry in Hindi, Urdu and his native Assamese. Speaking at the launch event about his unique linguistic abilities and the breadth of his creative expressions, Gogoi remarked, “I will certainly continue to write my novels in English but Hindi-Urdu poetry has now become an inseparable part of my life. It has a healing effect. It doesn’t just me grant solace; it exposes me to the rare feeling of falling in love with my own self!”

The launch-function in Pune marks the beginning of a series of events Gogoi plans to conduct in major Indian cities including Mumbai, Jaipur, Guwahati and Kolkata. Gogoi is working closely with leading FM stations, television channels and news publications to take “Rahgeer-e-Rehguzar” to the true enthusiasts of Hindi-Urdu poetry across urban India. “My dream is to fetch a prominent place for Northeast in the Hindi-Urdu literary universe.” Gogoi added.