European Rhapsody

Srutimala Duara’s book on travels “European Rhapsody” published by Spectrum Publications was released in North East Book fair on Nov. 8, by renowned writer Mitra Phukan. In her speech she remarked, “Srutimala’s travel writings give a very vibrant picture of the places she has visited.” Noted columnist Indrani Rai Medhi who was the guest of honour spoke on the popularity of Srutimala Duara’s travelogues published in Assam Tribune. The function was conducted by travel writer Swapnil Bharali.

Launch of ‘European Rhapsody’


In this book, Duara has shared her experiences of her travels to European countries.  She has recorded three trips, each of a month’s duration. What makes the book an interesting read is the way she had traveled without taking any package deal or guide.


Duara is a bilingual writer. She has published books of short stories, novels, poetry, children stories and articles in English and Assamese. She is a columnist and has contributed to local and national dailies. She teaches in Guwahati’s Handique Girls’ College. She was a television presenter in Guwahati Doordarshan Kendra and has acted in television serials and on stage.