Expressions: A magazine for kids by kids

Noted writer Indrani Rai Medhi released ‘Expressions’ — a magazine for kids from kids — an initiative of Anuragini Gohain Boruah, a class 8 (Eight) student of Delhi Public School, Guwahati and her team of young friends.

Appreciating the children for their effort to bring out the magazine, Raimedhi said such literary and creative activities was a very enriching experience and their initiative was indeed praiseworthy.


She urged the children to continue with their efforts and assured them that she always there to guide them. 

Reminiscing about her college days, the author-journalist said that at the height of the Assam agitation when classes were suspended for several months, she and her brother brought out several hand-written magazines which were treasured by her late father till his last days. The release was followed by a lively interaction with the children who gained an insight into the various aspects of bringing out a magazine and on nuances of writing along with the importance of reading.


Noted theatre activist and director Manik Ahmed also inspired the youngsters to give wings to their imagination and continue with their creative pursuits.

Anuragini said on the occasion that she always writes down  any story or poem that comes to her mind in a note-book and ‘Expressions’ was a dream for her to give shape to her  thoughts, feelings and creative abilities along with those of her friends. 

”I wanted to share my writings with my friends, relatives, teachers and acquaintances. I wanted to show them how I thought and felt about things around me and in my imaginary world. That’s how the idea of Expressions was born,” she said.

She wanted her friends to be a part of this dream projects and asked many of them friends to give their writings or drawings or any other creative works for the magazine.


Inspired by the response of her friends, parents and well-wishers, Anuragini and Team Expressions have planned to bring out two issues during an year and the next edition was expected to be published in December.

The first edition of ‘Expressions’ includes a message from eminent Assamese author Anuradha Sarma Pujari, an interview with Indrani Raimedhi by Anuragini, short stories, articles, poems, inspiring quotes, word games, quiz on Assam, photographs and art works by children.  Besides Anuragini, the other contributors of the first edition are Anubhuti Gohain Boruah, Atisha Mitra, Dipakshi Sharma, Krittika Barpujari, Bhargav Raj Barkakoty, Radhika Gogoi, Sanjana Boruah, Aiyona Boruah, Manavendra Mitra and Rohan Khaund.