Farhan rocks Guwahati

Guwahatians rocked to the tunes of Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar. A report


When he sang ‘Tum ho toh’, actor and bridal stylist Neetali Das had tears running down her eyes. “Yes I am, a Farhan fan and yes, I saw him live. That one wish to see a glimpse of him live is done and in so close proximity was totally unexpected,” she exclaims.


Well, Guwahatians rocked to the tunes of Farhan Akhtar’s mellifluous voice recently. Farhan Live is one of India’s leading live rock acts fronted by the multi-faceted Farhan Akhtar. It comprises some very talented artists.It is the first ever performance of Farhan Live in Northeast. The band has a huge fan following due to exceptional live performances all over India. Akhtar was here as part of the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival in Guwahati.


Neetali adds, “Farhan Akhtar is a versatile actor who fits in to any role and right to the skin. Best thing I like about him is his inbuilt sense of humour quite obvious to all during the interactive session and the audience roared their lungs out. There was a charity dinner by UTSAH, an ngo and I was happy to see him sparing time to watch the kids perform. I have extended my support to this NGO since its inception so I was there for the kids and then for Farhan.” She also managed to grab the Farhan Live t-shirt thrown in air which came flying to her.


In 2008, Akhtar made his acting and singing debut in a musical film titled Rock On. As he had been learning guitar ever since the start of his directing career, he had been well-versed with it and used it for the film. The role played by him was that of Aditya, lead singer of the rock band “Magik”. He sang five songs from the soundtrack album.


Guwahati, in a way has come of age now with such concerts happening at regular intervals.  “I think he is one of the biggest and best superstars today in terms of quality work whether it’s singing or acting,” says Suruchi Agarwal, an entrepreneur. She feels that the ice has now been broken and Guwahati will now be more open to such concerts. “I am sure lot of it will happen now,” she adds.


Miguel Das Queah, Chairperson at UTSAH, an ngo and a prominent child rights activist adds, “Farhan is a star entertainer. I was thrilled to see Guwahatians turning up for the show in large numbers. It was indeed a power packed performance. I also thank him for taking out time from their incredibly busy schedule to be a part of our charity dinner on April 19. They were thrilled to see the dance performances by the children from our Child Protection Centre.”