FLO NE is working for a sustainable growth: Indrani Deb

Chairperson of  Ficci Ladies Organization, North East Chapter INDRANI DEB speaks to The Thumb Print on her plans for the year

1. What are your plans for FLO during your tenure?

Women empowerment through education, healthcare, importance of the girl child, environment and biodiversity, ‘know-your-state’ through travels, forward march to Meghalaya, lastly to build a strong infrastructure of the whole system of FLO NE for a sustainable growth.         

2. What role can organisations like FLO play for the uplift of women?

FLO works at various levels of empowerment through a national initiative called  Swayam, besides many others. Skill and development training along  with entrepreneurship programmes enable women to look for better employment and set up their own business. We try to provide the right training at the right time by the right person.

3. How do you plan to network with the lesser-known and struggling women in business?

Networking is  extremely important for its the only single ingredient in the formula of success, to reach from the struggling lady to the women  director at board. For this we create a large Think Tank, who are  perfect in their own line of job. The goal is defined to them through various methods, from awareness to field work, and they adopt it accordingly. The team workers find the road map and  work on it. They are all divided into groups for action, from health to skill and lastly employment, branding, market place and other suitable means of earning. Intense research work is done by our team members  that creates interest among them and they fulfill the work forwarded to them for they know their mission well.

For the struggling women we have by now over the years, identified their need and requirement. We adopt villages and  teach them various skills and how to generate money and attain economic independence.

4. What kind of support do you plan to provide to women entrepreneurs?

Knowledge support, recognition and mentoring, awareness programmes, long-term projects, skill and training women in  select areas of the economy are important. Non-traditional jobs and safety of women will be my priority.

5. What are your expectations from the new government in Assam?

FLO being a chamber of commerce, and the largest pan-India organization, it is important for us to work hand in hand with the government. We follow many national initiatives like Start Up India, Make in India, and these policies help in our strategic thinking of economic empowerment, after all we are the corporate face of India. The previous government was very helpful to us in all matters, there was never a negative answer on any issue from the power corridors, their help made our projects go further and it was encouraging always. FLO NE chapter is expecting the same even with the change of government, for development of women empowerment is an important issue.

6. How do you plan to expand and network with women in business in other northeastern states?

We wish to spread our wings for we are FLO North EAST.  I intend to work with Meghalaya and try to reach out to remote areas of Assam. Therefore a good sustainable membership drive, CSR activity, awareness programme, and travel by which we can tap talents.

7. Women entrepreneurs face difficulty in availing loans. How can organisations like FLO help them?

FLO has the Swayam cell, which helps entrepreneurs avail loans and work with it for mentoring, consultancy service and branding. SBI has helped us with Mudra loans too.

8. What are your priority areas?

Traditional jobs, skilling, education in rural areas and health will be my priority.

9. Where do you see FLO NE ten years from now?

We are in our ninth year, baby steps made us grow. Our sincere action for the empowerment of women grew bigger each year. We are proud to have a very strong national presence. FLO NE is scaling greater heights each day. We achieved women empowerment economically and that will make Northeast India the best in the nation. The main objective of the organisation is to encourage and facilitate women to showcase their talents, skills and experiences and energies across sectors and verticals of the economy, for a truly inclusive economic growth in the region.