Global Female Condom Day

PARI SAIKIA deliberates why sex talk is still a taboo while slangs are not

We, the youth think it to be cool to use terms which are indecent and lousy. Moreover, any conversation without a lewd start or end is world-weary. “Slang”- considered by us as the coolest word, has become a part of our daily lingo. Nevertheless, any discussion in regard to sex awareness in open air is still a taboo in India. Especially, when it comes to involve women it becomes double standard of sexual behaviour. Objectionable remarks, making lewd comments or eyeballing at her bodily features is normally acceptable in society rather then sit and talk about sex awareness with the male counterpart.


Beginning with Mothers Day to Earth Day, Anti-terrorism Day to No tobacco Day, every possible thing on Earth has a ‘DAY’ to remember and commemorate. Well, one of such is a ‘Female condom day’. But many of us are not aware of it.

First time in history the world celebrated the “Global Female Condom Day”. With the second anniversary this year let us aim to empower and sensitise more women in India. I am sure for many the term is as new as a recently passed bill in the parliament. So, a little brief for those who have no knowledge of its root. The ‘Global Female Condom Day’ was welcomed by leading HIV/AIDS and Reproductive health groups. It’s first use can be traced back to 1980s. In India it got noticed only in 2003-2005, brought forth by Hindustan Latex ltd. Their first-most test group were the sex workers which eventually turned out to be a great hit.

From time to time various rightful and lawful methods of creating awareness have been released against birth control but seldom one will find mention of female condom or an advertisement. Infamously known as femidom, this contraception has been in existence for more than 20 years and nearly10 years in India, it has still fail to reach the wider section of Indian society. And those who know are least concerned to approve and accept in their life. It is indeed a fact that there are many contraceptive measures for a female to look upon her health and body. But the use of femidom can provide better safeguard to them and avoid fewer side effects which otherwise have chances of being incurred from the usage of contraceptive pills, medication and abortion. Odds like unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, STD etc can be carefully tackle with the help of femidom.

Sources reveal that the first-most reason behind its non-acceptance as compared to male condom is the high cost. Then comes next the conservative views regarding sex, unwillingness to listen and talk and ineffective communication between the old and new generation. Forgetting that women and her health is an important subject which if ignored on time may turn out to a disastrous reality. Now, the question is: Why sex talk is still a taboo when slangs are not? Why a packet of 3 femidom cost Rs.100, whereas a packet of regular male condom starts at Rs 10? And who is to be blamed for?

Every single person in the society whether it is You or I, Male or Female, together all can spread this token of love. Love – whichever way you can outspread could not be denied. So, together let us make this ‘Day’ more beautiful by bringing more women under the ambit of Global Female Condom Day.

Have a Happy Global Female Condom Day, Have a healthy life!

Pari Saikia is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication and is trainee Sub-Editor, The Pioneer

Pari Saikia

Pari Saikia

Pari Saikia is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication and is trainee Sub-Editor, The Pioneer