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Sikkimese green designer Omi Gurung gives exotic Valentine’s Day tips

It's the month of love and also the month I was born in. February! The time when love is in the air and almost everyone is pretty smitten with the idea of love. Thanks to the romantic product commercials and music collections and oh, how can you forget the special love episode of Indian serials. Indian television actors today make more impact than film stars; 8pm – 11pm are strictly reserved. Bade ache lagte hain to watch them on TV.

The fuzzy feeling of falling in love is in itself so beautiful. Isn't it? For crazy stupid thing called LOVE, what all we don't do? From waking up all night to skipping our food. Love is magic, love is life! Come discover romantic, substantial and green alternatives to oh-so regular Valentine's Day gift ideas this season of love. Are you ready for this?

Tip no 1: Skip the cheesy commercial card

Rather than buying some fancy card from gift store, think outside the envelope. Get crafty and personalize your card by using handmade paper, photos and fabric scraps to show the love. If you still don’t know how to use scissors, make sure to write a love note. It doesn't matter if you are not good with words as long as it comes from your heart.

If you enjoy writing then a good handwritten letter is a creative act. A handwritten letter opens a window on the soul in a way that cyber communication can never do.

Tip no 2: Nix the box of chocolates and flower bouquet

Red roses are so boring! Instead gift your love a plant sapling. Plants are a good way to add instant freshness in your room. If your love is a busy bee, go for green bamboo plants which need less maintenance. You could make your own planter, it will earn you some brownie points for sure.

Chocolates are famous for being a Valentine delight but indulge in it differently. Hit the spa together and opt for a chocolate massage. Make it a treat for both. If time is the problem, thenbuy organic body spa pack and gift your love. No one would say NO to organic hand made body products. It's a small luxury treat.

Tip no 3: Say NO to restaurant reservations

You can check in to a restaurant anytime of the year, certainly not a great idea for a special day. I would prefer to cook a special dinner and prepare dessert. I shall invest in beeswax candles and home decor items like lamps, candle stand or a wall dangler to add some charm. What more do you need to set the ambience right? Music, download a good collection of your choice and play it on. Get the party started!

Tip no 4: Express words of gratitude

We all need to hear how much we are appreciated more often. You never know how much a word of thanks can make someone’s day. Be genuine and don't flatter. Thank your love for small little things he/she does with unconditional love or for moments when he/she have faithfully stood by your side through thick and thin.

Tip no 5: Capture the moment

It's said a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.Buy a hand made photo frame created with lots of love to capture the moment. Click a good picture together, print, insert in the photoframe and surprise your love. It's something to be cherished lifelong.

Tip no 5: Spread the love

Actually, what more do you need when you have found a heart that beats for you, why not spread your true love and gift a child a future full of hope. This Valentine's Day take an opportunity for you to make a difference. Invest in goodwill where your returns are going to be priceless blessings and a feeling of greatness of doing something good for the nation you are in. Sponsor a child. You can do very little and still do a lot. It will likely mean the world to them!

These are just a few ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day. The key is to personalize the day and do what feels special to you and your significant other. Always remember it's the smallest things that build strength in the relationship and things done from the heart are the most long-lasting and appreciated.

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Omi Gurung is a well known green Indian fashion designer, writer and green activist. He describes himself as a dare devil with quicksilver tongue and maverick mind; who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the founder of a social group Oh My India and owner of Sikkim's first eco boutique Green Gangtok. At a young age of 23, he worked as a fashion editor for a magazine run by Shakti Media Group in Bangalore. He enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle and social issues. At present he also writes a regular column for Sikkim Insight.

Photo courtesy: Oh My India and Green Gangtok.