Homemade mango kulfi

Summer brings mangoes and of course the heat. There is nothing better than to have mango in a cold form like in kulfi!!! Yum and so easy to make.636kulfi

Had some overripe mangoes, so I decided to make kulfi. The ingredients are mostly available at home so that you can just make it in no time  easily.


So here goes. .

Milk 1 litre
Sugar 1/4 cup – can increase to 1/2 cup
Depending on sweetness of mangoes

Condensed milk(milkmaid/amul mithai mate) -1 tin
Mango puree( remove skin and puree the pulp)- 2 cups
Milk powder – 1/2 cup


Take a heavy bottomed pan or nonstick pan and mix all the ingredients other than the mango puree
Heat on the stove, and stir frequently, till it thickens a bit

Remove from stove, cool well.
Mix in the mango puree once cooled and pour into kulfi moulds or small steel glasses or cups and freeze till set. I used even popsicle makers to set it in addition to the kulfi moulds

When set, wash the kulfi moulds with normal water frim outside to loosen the it and the frozen kulfi can be poured out on a plate , cut and served

When adding the mango puree, u can optionally add cashew and badam pieces for some crunch.


Kavitha Sridharan

Kavitha Sridharan

Kavitha Sridharan is a foodie of course and an intuitive, creative cook. She loves experimenting with her cooking and baking. She leans towards healthy cooking though she does come up with other stuff too. She also love experimenting with millets.