By Samhita Barooah

I am generation equality!

I am the domestic helper without wages.

I am the toilet cleaner without gloves.

I am the stone crusher without a mask.

I am the daily wager without social security.

I am a disabled without any access.

I am a hairdresser without any hair.

I am mothering without being a mother.

I am a provider without any provisions.

I am generation equality!

I am the emergency driver without a safety belt.

I am the housekeeper without a bed.

I am the weaver without a brand.

I am the seed sower without a patent.

I am the weeder without a power tiller.

I am the food provider without the name.

I am generation equality!

I am the teacher without the salary.

I am the caregiver without a moment to rest.

I am the nourisher without a meal.

I am the judge without a verdict.

I am the land owner without a name.

I am the administrator without leave.

I am generation equality.

I am the reporter without the camera.

I am the garbage cleaner without the bin.

I am the peacekeeper within violence.

I am the violator without being violent.

I am the cook without a morsel.

I am generation equality.

I am a woman trapped in a man’s body.

I am a man trapped in a woman’s body.

I am a queer trapped in a woman’s body.

I am a transgender without my own identity.

I am an intersexed within an asexual body.

I am a drag queen without a stage.

I am the changemaker without any changes.

I am the woman without being a woman.

I am generation equality.

I am voiceless with a mouthpiece

I am powerless with a pen.

I am destructive without any weapon.

I am disruptive without any intoxication.

I mess up without a mess.

I love despite being hated.

I am generation equality.

I am problematic without a problem.

I am critical without my own consent.

I am anti-national without a nationality

I am customary without being equal.

I am unjust without any justice.

I am cultural without any culture.

I am social without any society.

I am generation equality.

I am social security without an insurance.

I am biodiversity without any land.

I am the periphery without any center.

I am the barriers without any barricades.

I am the darkness without any veil.

I am the wound without any pain.

I am the burden without any weight.

I am generation equality.

I am the gene without any clones.

I am a generation without any claim.

I am a bright future with a brutal past.

I am the present without any fake promises.

I am the resolution which repeats itself.

I am the revolution that never stopped.

I am alive despite being buried.

I am realistic without a fantasy.

I am generation equality.

I am equal without any equality.

I am liberal without any liberty.

I am secular without any religion.

I am sovereign without any territory.

I am mobile without any mobility.

I am generation equality.

Samhita Barooah

Samhita Barooah

Dr. Samhita Barooah
 is Educator and QueerUp Founder