I in Togetherness: A Social Media Art Experiment in Delhi

Arti Gupta

As I took a stroll to the Experimental Art Gallery in India Habitat Centre, I was wondering about the show of Mee Jey and Jey Sushil. A show which they ran on Social Media for one year and now they were executing it physically at the India Habitat Centre (IHC). 

It was raining but I decided to go and see, how they displayed the social media art performance into a physical show and I feel they pulled it off beautifully. As I sat down to write a report, neither Mee or Jey comes in my mind but I start thinking about life which is unpredictable and full of uncertainties.

We choose our partners but hardly know their deepest of feelings or fears. I have seen partners living together for decades but not understanding each other. Often fighting over petty things and not able to leave their ego’s behind. I had read once in news that a couple separated over differences of opinion about political parties. 

I have seen parents of friends stating that they are living together as they can’t have different paths at the age of 50 or 60. They have difficulty in accepting each other as they are. People today, live as if they are running a race. A race of earning better, spending better and saving better. There is no clarity over “better” but this word itself is enough to give stress, anxiety, tensions. We all have forgotten our hobbies. There is no passion or zeal to do something creative. Something which we loved doing when we were kids.

Accepting the realities of each other, is probably a significant way to learn to live together. Knowing and embracing each other’s feelings, views, opinions and motives is the most important way to learn to live together. Talking about it and making the other person understand is equally important. Letting go of our ego, probably is the mantra for peaceful life.

It is important that we let go certain things in life. This trying to force ourselves to achieve perfection in an imperfect life full of ups and downs and uncertainty, is harmful. I know it is chaotic. We cant control the chaos. We can only change ourselvesour thoughts and our actions.

All the above said things are commonly written. We talk about it and elders preach about it. Yet there is this couple Mee Jey and Jey Sushil, who have chosen to live an exemplary life.

They are creative, colorful and full of energy. You can never find a dull moment when they are around you. They do everything which probably I had dreamt of doing or had imagined that this also can be a way to live life. Needless to say, they are in love which not only shows but by observing them I can feel how powerful love can be. Mee Jey and Sushil Jey are the persons who have actually given “couple goals” to all the couples in their surroundings. They are not just different but are positively contagious.

And what they have done with their body is for everyone to see in these photographs. The curatorial note by Independent art curator Ritesh R sums it beautifully, “The whole series was an act of self-evolvement and self-realization with a keen focus on their personalities as an individual, and as couple.” 

The note goes on explaining, “The current exhibition is an extension of that Performative act on a different platform with more focus on a direct and physical interaction with the people; exhibiting selected photographs with text from the same series, the exhibition will explore the role of an artist as a tool to understand and explore different socio-political as well as personal issues. ”

If you want to know more about them, there is a chance. Go and visit their art exhibition in Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 27th, 28th and 29th July 2018 from 10 am to 7 pm. 

Just to add to it, while I was reading the text with the photo, Mees dance guru Padma Shree Gita Chandran and her husband came to see the show. A couple whom Mee and Jey held in high esteem. Rajiv Chandran was so excited with the show that he picked up the props and got a picture clicked which is another dimension of the show.

When you look at the photos, you will find Mee and Jey in various props discussing issues. When you visit the show, you can pick up a prop and get yourself clicked which can be part of the exhibition. 

Mee and Jey are living their life doing what they want to do and I have a feeling that they might inspire or may be already inspiring millions of people, especially youngsters who can know that there is life outside small gazette in hand and love is beyond being somebody’s sweetheart.