I want to express myself: Anuragini Gohain Boruah, editor of Expressions

Anuragini Gohain Boruah, the young editor of Expressions, a magazine for children juggles school tasks, homework and her love for writing. She talks to The Thumb Print on her unique endeavour

Please tell us about the birth of Expressions.

The idea of bringing out a magazine came to me last year during the term break after my final exams was over and I was promoted to class 8. It was also the time for assembly elections in Assam and my parents were busy at work while my elder sister was away at College. I was really bored and wanted to do something creative related to either literary and theatre activities.

I am interested in acting and also thought of directing a film. I even wrote a script but was not very happy with it and did not know how to go about shooting it. I was feeling very confused when my mother suggested that I could bring out a magazine, like I had done in Class 5. I was excited and told my friends and cousins to contribute their creative works. My mother got a few hundred copies printed and that’s how EXPRESSIONS was born in June, 2016.

Why did you call it Expressions?

I love to express myself whether it is by acting, writing, drawing or taking photographs. I want all my friends and all children to express themselves in whatever way they can. They should not lock up their feelings, emotions or creativity inside them. They can write in their diary, draw in their sketch books etc or they can send their works to Expressions. Expressions will be a magazine where children can express themselves in whatever way they can.

 What are your plans for the future?

 As I am in high school now, it is becoming difficult to manage both studies and co-curricular activities but I am trying to keep a balance. As long as it does not affect my studies, Expressions will go on and be sure it is not going away too soon.

 Who inspired you to start the magazine?

 It was my entire family who inspired me to write and they have supported ever since I wrote my first four-line  story. My mother gave me the idea to start the magazine but when I decided to bring out Expressions my father, elder sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends — all encouraged me. My school Principal Chandralekha Rawat and all my teachers also enouraged me lot. I have been also inspired by many renowned writers of Assam like Indrani Raimedhi, Rashmi Narzary, Anuradha Sarma Pujari, Nilima Thakuria Haque and many others who have always encouraged me.

 What kind of issues do you deal with in Expressions?

 As you have seen, there is no particular theme or issue in Expressions. I believe that every issue or topic happening around us is important and we should be sensitive to the changes — good or bad — taking place around us. I want all my friends to react and express on their surroundings and events happening around them. So you will find articles, poems and artistic works on several topics like terrorism, war, violence, environment, entertainment and fashion etc.

How do you encourage young writers?

Dear friends, just pen your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Read as many books as you can. Go to WATTPad–It is an app which has great stories by young writers like us. We must believe in what we can do and try to do it.  And most importantly — EXPRESS yourself and EXPRESSIONS is waiting to put your work and your name in its pages.