In 60 Seconds

This spring, Pakistan will witness a new breed of film festival. The first of its kind short film festival –the 60 Second Film Festival – is gearing up to screen its winning films across Pakistan, and the world.


The objectives of this festival are to increase the confidence level of young talent, improve understanding of deep-rooted issues, and create positive learning experiences, creative integration of social issues and advocate social change. “The festival aims at giving everyone a chance to express themselves; to encourage upcoming artists/producers/filmmakers from Pakistan,” says Abrar Ul Hassan, founder and creative director of Morango Films and director of the Festival.


A filmmaker Aleena Akhtar says, “There are no rules in filmmaking. I was always a filmmaker before I was anything else. If I was always anything, I was a storyteller, and it never really made much of a difference to me what medium I worked in. Participating in 60secondfilm festival for me is a matter of honor and it is a great opportunity for me to show my talent. This is a great platform for me as well as other participants.”


There are a total of 17 categories with the general guidelines of highlighting critical social issues. Short-films spanning the categories of education, civic sense, health, art, water, gender, extremism, entertainment, current affairs and others have been received so far. The festival doesn’t have a cost of entry. The film or clips from them may be used for promotional use on television, radio, in print, and at live Festival events. Films in any media format are being accepted: film, video, digital or even from mobile camera.


Hassan is an innovative young social entrepreneur who uses mass media to inspire youth to take ownership of Pakistan’s current challenges and help create a brighter future. He believes that by having a good understanding of the issue one can bring about a change in their surrounding, instead of blaming each other.


Through his company, Morango Films, he socially aware content for masses, produces documentaries and public services campaigns that give voice to neglected communities and highlight issues and local heroes as well, those who bring real impact in their surrounding through there work within there individual capacity.


“Hopeless is a common word these days in Pakistan, people talk about change, but they don’t change themselves, we have to create a positive environment for next generation to have pride and hope. This is a first step to working together to address the problems that we all know so well,” Hassan says.


The festival has an extensive online presence on social media with massive following on Facebook, Twitter and the festival’s official website. All the films have been uploaded to the website and are open for viewing and voting by the general public.


For the festival, Morango Films have partnered with Duck, Agahi Foundation, Inevento, Scientific media solution attracting global participation and sponsors. The festival has also partnered with ARY network as media partners to air the content via satellite.


Morango Films has been engaged with some very dynamic organizations, including media enterprises and development organizations designing communication strategies and solutions for them, for better understanding and creating synergies between different entities. Morango Films’ emphasis on artistic invention has won her widespread critical acclaim and commercial triumph. The organization is composed of some highly qualified directors and designers, who specialize in documentaries, music videos, ad films and print features assisting organizations across the globe. It has offices in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.


Another participant Mubashir Rizvi says, “It was a great experience to participating in 60 Second Film Festival. I think it should be continued in future for those who are interested in making short films. Because this platform encourages us to explore our creativity.”


The festival organizers look forward to international screenings and partnership just to spread the message to masses and get more solutions from people for people.


Some films we think are worth 60 seconds of your time:

Pakistan, The Land of Terror

I Fear





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