In solidarity with Suzette Jordon

The Blank Noise Project has initiated this event called titled Kolkata Action Heroes Report to Duty: In Solidarity with the Park Street Rape Survivor Suzette Jordan. This was after Jordan narrated this incident to her friend Harish Iyer.blanknoise1


“I was bored and wanted to go out. My fiance wanted to take me to a restaurant called Ginger in Hazra, Kolkata. I agreed and we decided to go there and chill. We parked and went close to the hotel. At the entrance itself I was told by some junior staff ‘you cannot enter’. When I asked him for a justification he directed me to his manager. I went up to the manager and asked him for a valid reason to deny me an entry. He said sternly “we can’t allow you because you are the Park Street rape victim”. I was shocked and aghast. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I asked him again, he repeated again. My fiance stood there shocked but held on to me closely as a pillar of strength urging me to fight it out. The manager still repeated the same thing. He repeated the same three times. I almost felt like I was raped once again. There were some 20 odd people in queue to get in. All of them seemed in a hurry to eat,none of them intervened or even acted as if they heard anything. Humiliated beyond repair I stormed out and called a reporter friend from 24 Ghanta.


When I narrated the complete incident to the reporter, they sent their OB van to shoot. A female reporter came to cover the incident. When she stormed near the entrance, another man came out, who I presume was the owner, and spoke rudely and indecently to her which she caught on camera {and this was shown all day today in the channel (14 September) }. A kind police man saw the OB van and asked me to contact him if I needed help. He offered to intervene. I was too angry for anything that time. I am going to the police on Monday to register a complaint. Maybe I would be asked again “why did you take 2 days to report”. Well, I was asked this question when I was gang raped, nothing in this country surprises me. Right from police stations, to court rooms to everyday life, we get raped again and again and again. There are some mute spectators who champion me when they see me on TV. I get many mails supporting me. I equally get hate mails too but I am happy that India did stand up with me when I spoke about it in national and international television. But in the end all the adulation has no meaning when you don’t stand up at the time of abuse. I wonder why none of those people standing in queue stood up. The manager was rude, I wonder why his subordinates didn’t speak up rather stood there listening and supporting the manager. I wonder how many rapes would this country take to finally stand up with survivors. I am truly angry.”


Blank Noise is a community/public arts collective that has been tackling attitudes towards sexual violence since 2003. It is volunteer led and run. Volunteers are celebrated as ‘Action Heroes’ and come from across cities and towns, in India and now internationally. Blank Noise mobilises, organises and engages through sustained interventions and campaigning with a range of media from the web to live actions on the street. It is built on the lived experiences of its members . It gathers tesitmonies and disperses them . Campaigns include #SafeCityPledge and ” I Never Ask For It ” Blank Noise was initiated by Jasmeen Patheja in August 2003, started out as a student project at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore. To be an Action Hero yourself, get involved. Follow @blank_noise , facebook group : email :