INSA Teacher Award for Nashreen S. Islam of Tezpur University

Nashreen S. Islam, Professor, Department of Chemical Sciences, Tezpur University has been awarded the prestigious Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Teacher Award for the year 2016, for her excellent contribution to Chemistry education. The award, which consists of a scroll, cash award of Rs 50,000 and a book grant of Rs 20,000, was presented to her in the Anniversary Meeting of INSA, held at NISER, Bhubaneswar during 28-30 December, 2016.

The Academy has instituted the INSA Teacher Award to honour teachers for providing guidance, inspiration and mentoring students to take up careers in Science and Technology. All disciplines of Science and Technology including Medical and Engineering Sciences come under the purview of this award.

Islam, former Dean (Research & Development) of Tezpur University, has earlier received the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Bronze Medal for her significant research contributions to chemistry in the year 2010. She had done her Phd in Inorganic Chemistry from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) and was nominated Council Member of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI).

Prof. Islam’s research interests include synthesis, characterization and catalytic as well as biomimetic / bio-relevant properties of transition metal compounds, including metal anchored functional polymers. One of the major activities of her group is development of polymer supported transition metal catalysts for organic transformations under ecologically acceptable reaction conditions. Her group is also involved in the design and synthesis of water soluble macromolecular metal complexes and their applications as enzyme inhibitors.

Prof. Islam hails from Jorhat, Assam.