Is a woman responsible for the birth of a girl child?

By Mithun Dey


female-foeticide23The Television show I watch most often “Savdhaan India – India Fights Back” is a crime show aired by ‘Life OK’. It focuses on real-life crime stories in India. And often watch the incidents related to women who were beaten to death for giving birth to a baby girl. It is happening everyday at every nook and corner of the country. In India, even in this modern society, many families refuse to let anyone know that a girl child is born, and they try to hide the news. Those others who get to know the news may even convey a message of condolences.


Though it is prohibited in India to determine the sex of unborn child, many clinics in India offer these services to the eager parents.  And if it turns out that it is a girl, some families go for an abortion.  Some Indian clinics are notorious for carrying out such operations or a large scale. In India, it is very common practice to blame the mother when a girl child is born.   The mother is shouted at and affronted for not being capable of making a boy.


If giving birth to a baby girl is such an atrocious crime, shouldn’t we at least know for sure who’s really responsible of committing it? Is it really the mothers? In that case, I am neither a doctor nor a scientist. Even an O level student could answer to his question with supreme authority.


Biologically speaking, it takes an X and Y (XY) to create the revered sex-male. And while the X chromosome, women (XX) have only X chromosomes to contribute in any case, it’s the man (XY) whose contribution or non-contribution of Y chromosome that can end up to make a baby girl or a baby boy. So, they have a 50% chance of having a boy and a 50% chance of having a girl.


Such information would correct many of our misconceptions on who gets to fix on the sex of the unborn child. I also do think this misconception is one of the leading causes of marriage failure and it is in jeopardy in India.


As we live in a wild society where women are blamed for rape, molestation, attempted for them, and liable for men’s leering stares since they look desirable, it would still make sense if people find a method around science, to blame them for bringing a girl anyways.


I look forward to a day will come, even though maybe we shall have to wait for a couple of centuries for that in our society, when women will not be held reproving for disgracing their families with a girl. Even though, it is doubtful that if women will ever be entitled to any respect from the society that sees only seraphs in men and witch in women, the least I hope it thousand of women who instead die redeeming for the unpardonable sin, can be saved at last.