IWRC expresses solidarity with Naga women

In regard to the issue of the unfortunate situation that has emerged in Nagaland, Jarjum Ete, President, Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre (IWRC), has said that political participation and leadership of tribal women of India is as important as that of tribal men towards ensuring the holistic development of these marginalized people.

 Whereas the world seemingly believe that the tribal women of north-east India are very empowered, the present crisis in Nagaland, one of the most advanced tribal states, exposes the reality – the pervasive patriarchy that is tenaciously hanging onto an outdated norm to exclude the Naga women from public life. 

 The IWRC expresses its solidarity with all the men and women of Nagaland who are able to see the importance of including the critical views of women in the urban civic bodies of the state. It also hopes that better sense will prevail amongst all the concerned people of the Nagaland for the larger interest, peace and progress of the Nagas.