Karbi Youth Festival 2015

Held every year since 1974, the Karbi Youth Festival, sponsored by the ‘Karbi Cultural Society’ (KCS), is the oldest and largest ethnic festival in the North East that mixes tradition with modernity and celebrates the cultural heritage of the Karbis.



The KYF is a truly community festival that evolved from a popular movement for cultural awareness in the 60s which witnessed a phase of intense struggle for rights led by Karbi youth and students. The ‘Karbi Club’ of Rongnihang, Diphu, born in 1961, became the centre of activities where youth and students met, discussed, prepared and performed. Issues like ‘Hill State’, ‘Roman Script’ and ‘wearing Karbi dress to schools’ dominated the agenda in the 60s. The state responded brutally, suppressing peaceful rallies and arresting leaders at random.


And in one such detention, the idea of the ‘Karbi Youth Festival’ was born inside the four walls of Diphu jail. The leaders while in custody imagined a new resurgent Karbi youth — through cultural initiatives.


‘Karbi Club’ hosted the inaugural KYF in Jan. 1974 and since then, the KYF grew, and grew —without any ‘official’ recognition, state presence or patronage…but within a decade, it inspired the passion of a generation of youth and students…and by the 80s they dared to dream and struggle…and surge ahead.  Beyond the fun and the festivities, the food and the fashion, the music and the dance…the dream and the struggle continue… And the 41st KYF promises to be as welcome, warm and inclusive, come this February 15-19, 2015, sans the ‘official’ trappings…join us in the celebration of the raw spirit of Karbi youth who dedicate this edition to the “…culture that unites and thrives through unity!”(‘Jutang helo khei aharchi, kachingrum  helo khei atiri’)


The cultural programs, given below, are set in a format where 26 (twenty six) KCS zones and invited groups from across the state vie for supremacy.


Rongketong (Traditional Procession)

Hundred-Drum Ensemble’ presented by the Artistes of the Department of Art & Culture, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC)


A. Folk Dances

1. Ritnong Chingdi/Hen’up Ahi Kekan

2. Lingpum Sokchon

3. Nimso Kerung

4. Hacha Kekan

5. Chong Kedam

6. Banjar Kekan



B. Folk Songs

7. Bong’oi (Male & Female)

8. Mosera Kihir

9. Kurdidi (Male)

10. Oso Kebai (Katharun/Female)

11. Sar Kebat Alun (Male)

12. Bor’et (Male/Female)


C. Modern Songs/Dance

13. Luncheto (Chorus)

14. Lunchethak (Male/Female)

15. Lunchethak (Duet/Male & Female)

16. Lunsampung (Male/Female)

17. Hamphang Kekan (Group Dance for boys & girls of 6-12 year age group)


D. Extempore Speech and Quiz


E. Craft (Ri Saine)

19. Wood Craft

20. Basketry

21. Weaving


F. Folk Musical Instrument

22. Muri Tongpo

23. Krongchui

24. Kum Li’eng


G. Traditional Sports

25. Hambi Kepathu

26. Kengdongdang Kekat

27. Bathili Ke’ap

28. Hon kejeng

29. Bangphu Soktok Chingdi

30. Horling Kele


H. Fashion Show (Mr. & Miss KYF Contest)

I. Phu-Ling-Lang (Open National Level Battle of the Bands)

J. Literary Interactions


15 February 2015 (SUNDAY)


9 AM onwards

Workshop on ‘Exploring Ethnographic Works and Representation in Karbi Anglong – A Methodology Workshop’

Venue- Jirsong Asong Conference Hall, Diphu

Inaugurator – Mr. Bidyasing Rongpi, EM, KAAC, i/c Deptt. of Art and Culture

Speakers –

Dr. Dolly Kikon, Social Anthropologist, Stockholm University

Dr. Yengkhom Jilangamba, Historian, TISS Guwahati

Dr. R.K. Debbarma, Political Scientist, TISS Guwahati

Dr. Sanjay (Xonzoi) Barbora, TISS, Guwahati

Mr. Michael Heneise, PhD Candidate, Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

Ms. Parismita Singh, Independent Researcher, Author and Novelist


10 AM to 2 PM

Registration of Artistes

Venue – KCS Central Committee Office


3 PM

Phu-Ling-Lang (Prelims)

National Level Battle of the Bands

Venue – Long Mirjeng Achatai


5 PM

Artistes’ Camp Inauguration

Venue – Artistes’ Village

Inaugurator – Mr. Bidyasing Rongpi, EM, KAAC & President, Reception Committee.


6 PM

Subject Committee Meeting

Venue – Central Committee Office to be presided by CS Kro, President, KCS


8 PM

Judges’ Meet

Venue – Central Committee Office, to be presided by Mr. Burasing Taro, VP, KCS & i/c, Judges Sub Committee



16 February 2015 (MONDAY)


9 AM

Rongketong (Traditional Cultural Procession)

Artistes’ Village to Hemphu-Mukrang-Rasinja Aklam


10 AM onwards                    

Ceremonial Hoisting of KCS Flag

Venue -Hemphu-Mukrang-Rasinja Aklam (HMRA)

President, KCS will unfurl the flag, assisted by Mr. Sanjay Killing, General Secretary, KCS


Tirim Kangduk                     

Lunse Timung, President, Hemphu-Mukrang Adorbar,



Declaration of Commencement of 41st KYF 2015

“HEMPHU-MUKRANG-RASINJA ARANI” by His Highness, Harsing Ronghang, Ronghang Lindok, Karbi Recho, Ronghang Rongbong, Hamren


Invited Guests –

Guest of Honour – Mr. Birensing Ingti, MP

Chief Guest – Mr. Tuliram Ronghang, CEM, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, Diphu.

Special Guest – Mr. Sikari Tisso, President i/c, Karbi Lammet Amei, Diphu