Khasi film Ri

Pradip Kurbah's Khasi film Ri (Homeland) won the Rajat Kamal at the National Film Awards. An interview with director Pradip Kurbah

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What does it mean for Meghalaya's film industry?

Meghalaya film industry is hardly 10 years old industry I hope the appreciation of Ri would bring a new dawn in Meghalaya film industry. It would boost the confidence of the film fraternity here and could take our films to the national and international level.

What is the film about?

The film is a fictitious depiction of the various mindsets in the abode of clouds. It is a soul searching journey for the protagonist Manbha, his taking wrong paths and finally looking for light which lies ahead of the dark tunnel. For people in the state, many memories will come alive with Ri.

What does Ri mean?


How do you think can one promote filmmaking in the northeast?

An active participation by budding filmmakers and students and with the help of the government it would surely see more good work in the industry. Also film festivals showcasing works from the region would boost morale’s.

Can filmmakers play a role in changing the stereotypes about the region?

Films are not only about entertainment. A filmmaker is also a story teller and has a social responsibility. With strong narratives and social messages they can surely break the myths and stereotypes about NER. 

Are you a trained filmmaker? Please tell us more about yourself?

I’m not a trained filmmaker I have learned film making mostly by Watching good films and bad films

Do you think filmmakers in the region should form a coalition?

Coming together as a fraternity is always good for filmmaking and would really prove healthy for cinema in the region.