Light food, colours and food is the mantra: Dipannita Jaiswal



In our special summer series, celebrated individuals from India’s Northeast share their secrets to beat the summer heat. So, stay cool, look chic and leave your imprint this summer


DIPANNITA JAISWAL, Managing Director, DY 365 channel spells out her summer chill-out mantra


Oh Summer! The heat, humidity and rain! dip4


Light, light and light…..clothes, colors and food.


When it comes to clothes, my summer wear is mostly cotton and chiffon. These are clothes that can keep me comfortable throughout the day. I always love sarees and chic Indian outfits. Indian Skirts are also one my favorite. Denims and Track pants are usually worn during travels.


When on a holiday, I dress according to the weather and location of the destination, of course, with primacy given to comfort, fun and suitcase weight.


The discomfort of summer disappears to some extent at the sight of mango, litchi and bamboo shoot ….. just love them. Apart from them, prefer the seasonal vegetables, greens, fish, chicken, etc cooked in our traditional refreshing style without too much of spices. Tender coconut is my drink during summer. My kitchen is one where both North and Northeast cuisines are prepared daily (my husband being a North Indian and me, from Northeast). At times Global cuisines like Oriental, continental, et al, also peeps out of kitchen when I am in the mood to cook, especially when kids are at home for their vacation.


The changing weather conditions have now given us a longer summer, so better make the best out of what we have and enjoy.