Linda Ashok’s poems

Poetry Editor Ananya Guha’s note:

Linda Ashok’s poems are recondite yet they leave the reader with asking for more.The images are clear, distilled and the words are crafted carefully and with finesse. The poems are evocative, maintain a distance between the images and the poet. These are imagistic poems.


1. HUSKLinda_Ashok


The voice is an afternoon of dragonflies, a box of lake, osmotic. A record of thoughts in exile till they have reached the safe sands of our mouth… Even now when I wade through my waterlogged conscience reclaiming myself at every hint of phosphorous, I see the husk of my soul screaming afloat. I write about Novembers and white birds as they hold me from relinquishing to the incoherence of a matt ocean. His afternoon echoes from a deep-seated yearning in my body; the lake vibrates in my throat. I confuse between deluge and delusion.





The earth wobbles on a big yam leaf. The predilection realizes itself as the mouth widens and the land softens at his touch. Earlier, we dreaded thoughts of erosion. We wanted to stay whole and defined, wanted to avoid injuries and arousal. We wanted to live remotely, in each other and handle with care our porcelain bodies. Now we are changed minds. We have decided to erode, injure and allure. The magnificence of the entire civilization is historically indebted to the incineration of unclaimed bodies found in Eden.




In the deep blue
of my belly, a colony
of all things aqua
except for a valve
of rose increasingly nostalgic
asking me to place
my eyes inside and watch
a clot of cosmos
becoming, communicating…
When the grey outside
my navel stiffens, when the
sounds of bomb convey a massacre,


It contracts in fear
and stains the valve; the rose one…
Inside my belly, all things aqua
What is flotsam is Gaza!


[Linda Ashok’;s poems have appeared in online journals like The Bones Journal, the Linnet’;s Wings and forthcoming in a few more. Her works have also been included in Bhasanagar 2014 edited by eminent Bengali Poet Subodh Sarkar, Time to Say ‘NO’ by PEN, Austria and a couple of more print anthologies. Linda is the Founder/President of RædLeafPoetry-India and edits its online poetry magazine- The Brown Boat. Besides poetry, she advocates for free Tibet and other humanitarian issues.]