Local Kung Fu 2 is back with rib-tickling comedy


Good news for the Assamese Cine lovers and especially to all the fans and followers of Local Kung Fu its sequel releases on April 19  Wednesday. This is the first ever sequel of the Assamese Film industry. The popular Bonzo (Hobo De) and Charlie are back with rib-tickling comedy and action packed performances by a host of wonderful actors. Based on Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors the film has met overwhelming response during the entire process of crowdfunding. The entire cast and crew are equally hopeful of a very successful film featuring Kenny Deori Basumatary who is also the writer and director of Local Kung Fu 2, Utkal Hajowari, Sarmistha Chakraborty, Eepsita Hazarika, Bonny Deori, Tonny Deori Basumatary, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, Montu Deuri et al.

Actor Kenny Deori Basumatary, director and an actor par excellence is playing a double role in the movie Local Kung Fu 2. Deep and Deepu who have grown up in Guwahati and Tezpur respectively and don’t know about each other. Deep knows martial arts and Deepu doesn’t. Kenny says the sequel is completely different a story from the prequel but have tried to make it as funny and as action packed as possible.” Bonzo and Charlie are back but this time in different avatars “so come to your nearest cinema hall says Kenny Basumatary who has also few Bollywood films to credit as an actor”.

When asked if he enjoys direction more to acting Kenny Basumatary says he loves both. But it’s a big headache to do acting directing producing simultaneously.

Little nervous and jittery ahead of the release as the team has had a successful first film, therefore; expectation go sky high. However after seeing LKF 2 ahead of the release April 19 with full sound color and music; Kenny Basumatary is confident for making another entertaining film.

Actor Utkal Hajowary another prolific actor on board too plays a double role in the film Arun Mohan born and brought up in Guwahati who knows Kung Fu and a sub-inspector the other one Tarun Mohan from Tezpur working as an accountant and doesn’t know Kung Fu. Utkal is totally amazed with the second instalment and will love to be a part of the third instalment too if the makers come with Local Kung Fu 3 who can now feel overwhelmed with the soaring fan base with whom fans love to click a picture even at some weirdest of places.

Actor Montu Deuri exhilarated ahead of the release apparently has great hope with the sequel that releases on April 19 (Wednesday); is confident people will shower positive response to the film. Essaying the character Bhagin Montu says the team is overwhelmed to see love and support of the fans of Local Kung Fu who has tremendously participated in the crowd funding process. Montu who exercised a lot and auditioned to get the role is referred to as the Tony Jaa of the region by the stellar actor Kenny D Basumatary who off course plays a pivotal character in the Sequel too.

The film hits the screen on April 19 breaking the conventional Friday release and has eight songs music of which is by Tony-Derrick-Utkarsh. So far the songs have been well received by the audience. Well these songs won’t be in the film as in conventional way. They are used partially in the film according to what situation demands. So you won’t see all the songs completely in the film. But of course audio of all the songs will be available for buying says Anupam Baishya who is the Associate Director of Local Kung Fu 2. When asked about his erratic schedule while shooting on the set this is what Anupam had to say: “It was tough. My director Kenny Basumatary is not at all conventional when it comes to directing. He likes to break the rules of traditional filmmaking. On the other hand I am very much of a rule follower when it comes to shooting. That’s where we clash. But we have already worked in many projects already. So for LKF 2 I was prepared.

There were no assistant directors to help me out on set. There was no script breakdown, no black & white schedule, no clap stick used, no logbook maintained and so on.  Then so many artists to accommodate with so many locations. In addition it was bloody hot (shot in July August ’16). I was on my Superman mode from the beginning of this movie. I have worked as an Associate Director, Actor, Lyricist, Assistant dialogue writer, focus puller, Light boy, dubbing artist for this film and now busy with promoting it.