Look East

As the country gears up to choose another Prime Minister, we ask people from a cross-section of society on their aspirations from Elections 2014

Restauranteur HUSSINA THOCKCHOM SALAM wants a visionary leader

Assam and northeast shares 90% of its border with so-called friendly countries. The current socio-economic and political of this region is due to lack of proper policy and vision to open up economically. The wish-list of the present government, promising a long term opportunity on trade n economic gain through the seemingly Look East Policy.

The coming election 2014 must have a clear focus on this issue. Secondly, I would hope and wish the elected leaders in the coming elections to be more focused in their endeavours promoting this region. We need a clear and visionary leadership in the mainstream politics and a voice to solve the accumulated issues pending for this region. A vibrant spokesperson is a must to address our developmental plans.

Hussina Thockchom Salam

Hussina Thockchom Salam

Hussina Thockchom Salam is an entrepreneur working in the restaurant business, film critic, columnist, philanthropist.and a member of FICCI Ladies Organisation.