Manipuri food is known for its healthy recipes: Halley Nongmaithem

Manipuri food is known for its healthy recipes and contain less oil and said to be rich in protein. The variety of food this state offers is worth a try and it is said that the people of Manipur live longer than others because of the green and healthy foods they partake writes Halley Nongmaithem



Eromba is the staple food of the Meiteis of Manipur. It is prepared by boiling of the vegetables and smashing it together with fermented fish. This dish is essential for any occasion.

Pork dish


This dish is a favourite among the tribals of Manipur. Any joyous season they prepare and have it with pomp and grandeur. It is the food for celebration among the tribals of Manipur. Nowadays, it is very common to see the meiteis youths  prepare and have pork curry. It wasn’t very common to have pork among meiteis youth until recently. Making pork curry is simple. Boiling the pork in a utensil by adding basic spices and heat it until it is cooked is the most common procedure to prepare pork.

Fish curry a.k.a Nga Ataoba thongba


The celebrated dish of the Meiteis community of Manipur, Nga Ataoba Thongba is prepared for any festive occasion. Cooking this dish is called an art as the skill to not break the fish in between is well appreciated by one and all.

Manipuri Chaak-Luk or Manipuri Veg Thali


This spread is the most popular one as far as Manipuri food is concerned. This is prepared on holy and auspicious occasions esp. when it concerns Gods and deaths of humans as all the items of the food cooked are vegetarian.