Maria’s Public School honours Miss India Priyadarshini Chatterjee

The Homecoming of fbb Femina Miss India

A red carpeted welcome to an ex-student complete with a felicitation ceremony and a press conference! Difficult to judge who was more privileged – the student or the school. But probably both ways it was the same as the grand welcome was for none other than the reigning fbb Femina Miss India World Priyadarshini Chatterjee and the school was her alma mater, Maria’s Public School, Guwahati which has groomed her right from the nursery years till she passed her 12th boards in flying colours.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee with the students of her alma mater
Priyadarshini Chatterjee with the students of her alma mater


On her arrival in the school, Priyadarshini stepped into a loud cheer from her juniors lining up on both sides of the passage up to the Primary Hall of the school. They clapped and cheered for one of their own who had been there amongst them till a year back and now has come back after wearing the most coveted crown of the glamour world in India and about to head towards the international arena to vie for the Miss World crown. Sounds of wishes and blessings reverberated in the premises of Maria’s  Public School, teachers nudged each other to click a snap with their ex pupil. Perhaps no achievement could be greater than this!  

The formal ceremony began with the anchor of the day, Veena Hasan requesting the Principal of the school, Alpana Khound Phukan to conduct the school prayer. After the prayer the Principal congratulated her ex-student and said that it is a moment of great pride that the school is greeting a student who has brought glory not only to the school but also to the state and the entire region. Reminiscing Priyadarshini’s days in the school she added that she was a humble fighter who has been able to strike a balance between her scholastic and co-scholastic activities. She ended her speech blessing and wishing the Miss India for the Miss World pageant and the other future endeavours.


Following this, a proud and elated Founder and Managing Trustee Nellie Ahmed Tanweer said in her speech that Priyadarshini has kept up with the school motto of ‘Truth Determination and Perseverance’ to bring glory and fame not only to herself, her supportive parents, family and the school but to the entire northeast. “None till now has achieved what she has from this remote corner of the country. Priyadarshini with her zeal, focus and commitment has gone on to clinch the crown which now sits proud on her pretty face,” she said. As a word of advice Tanweer addressed the crowned Miss India World and said, “I know you are prepared for the great and exciting changes that have and will come to your life. Stay grounded, committed, dedicated and fixed of purpose and the world will be an oyster.”

After Tanweer ended her speech Priyadarshini was presented with tokens of love and appreciation from the Managing Trustee and the school. And then came the most awaited moment, Priyadarshini’s address to the gathering. An emotional, touched and delighted Priyadarshini spoke her heart out, unrestrained like a true Marian. She recalled her days in the school, how she overcame every small and big hurdle she faced with ease and conviction with a big support system behind her back, the school. She said that the school and the teachers have given her the courage to have faith in herself. Priyadarshini sent out a message to her school mates and said that each one should dream big and strive hard to fulfill it with a belief in oneself. And this is what has made her cross each barrier with success waiting on the other side. Trying her best to control her tears many times during her speech, Priyadarshini expressed her gratitude towards the Managing Trustee, the Principal and all the teachers and staff of the school for inculcating important values in her persona during her days in the school and showering her with love during her homecoming after winning the coveted title.

Priyadarshini’s parents too became emotional witnessing the grand welcome given to their daughter by the school. They expressed their gratitude towards the school that has made Priyadarshini a beautiful human being during their short speeches. Thereafter a special cake, ordered for the occasion was cut by Priyadarshini, before shaking hands with the students of the secondary and the senior secondary sections. The Miss India then visited the primary classes and thereafter spoke to the media in a press conference.

As the afternoon wore on it was time for Priyadarsini to leave home once again. The Managing Trustee whispered, ‘It feels like giving away the bride.’ But she remained proud and composed. The child she knew and brought up with tender care is a celebrity now and there are other commitments that she has to attend to. But wherever she is, the prayers and her alma mater will be always with her, in every step she takes, as she said in her speech.