MADHUP MOHTA pens a poem for his beautiful wife


Rainbows are fantasies,

Of an anaemic sun.

If only our eyes were prisms

Each Truth would have come clad

In a primary colour.


Dreams are facts,

Of life lived after-hours.

If only, we were awake

Each wish would come true

In the moment of its conception.



Songs are sorrows.

Of silences punctuated

If only we had heard

Each silence would have sung

In unison

With our heartbeats.



Flowers are memories,

Of fragrances dancing uncertainly.

If only we had remembered

Each scent would have embraced us in

An uncertain waltz.



Candles are suggestions.

Of light reducing us to shadows.

If only, we had opened our eyes

Each candle would have invited us

Into arms of a resplendent darkness.




Are promises

Of passion.

If only, we had read

Each word would have promised

Inevitable pain.

Madhup Mohta

Madhup Mohta

Madhup Mohta, graduated in Medicine from All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Career diplomat since 1986, Mohta served in Hong Kong, Nepal Thailand and the United Kingdom; Director, Indian Council of Cultural Relations; and Director, Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi. A well-known poet, Mohta has edited many magazines and books.