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Are you getting married or planning to tie the knot? Make your wedding day special but naturally, get married on an ecologically sound note says OMI GURUNG

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Okay, you have been for caviar and champagne weddings and attended many five star nuptials but you still want your wedding to be unique in its own way. How about opting for eco- friendly wedding? You don’t have to be a dedicated environmentalist, just few small sacrifices you might have to make but you will have the consolation of being different from the herd. Green weddings are creative yet environmentally responsible. Instead of fancy accoutrements and oh-so-expected menu, go the green way and give everything a traditional touch. Not only is it healthy for the nature, it also lends a whimsical touch to the proceedings. Let’s get it started.

The Invitation


The invitation card is an official announcement about your big day and the first step to set the green tone. Traditional motifs printed using vegetable dyes or soy ink on 100% recycled paper and completely tree free papers made out of Elephant poo and Camel dung are the latest trends. However, many modern couples are also opting for a wedding website where all pertinent information can be mentioned. Sending plant saplings along with dry fruits to your friends is a good idea too.

Beauty and make up

Who doesn’t want a radiant, spot-less, fair skin and bouncy, shiny, smooth hair? We all want but the craving for it is much more for bride and groom to be. Yes, you too can look picture perfect by saying ‘NO’ to conventional cosmetics that contain toxic chemicals and using all- natural body and hair products. Go for products that are 100% organic certified, drink plenty of water, go for a morning walk and do not trade your sleep for a night out. Yoga is a natural way to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit, a must for healthy skin and hair. Seek out for professional help; ask for natural skin and hair treatments to your beautician. Feel bliss as they pamper your skin and nourish your hair with enriching face masks and exotic oil. Mind you, natural beauty can’t be achieved overnight; you will have to invest time.

Wedding Attire

You can look fabulous on your wedding day without compromising on the style. Be it traditional wear or western formals, you can dress to impress, still being green. Green wedding attire is created exclusively from sustainable fabrics, fair-trade and reclaimed materials; which are grown without pesticides or herbicides and are colored with natural dyes. Fabric like hemp, organic cotton, khadi and silk are mostly used. They are kind on skin and perfect for delicate sensitive skin. Today when many fashion designers are going green, it is very easy to get customized wedding attire in the fabric and style of your choice. Keep your wedding attire design simple so that it doesn’t retire to the closet after just a few hours of wear. Couple-to-be can also incorporate vintage items that have been previously used by their parents.

Décor deal

Wedding decorations are the challenging part of the event. No matter what your budget or theme, putting a little extra thought will help you cut down the cost and waste. Using local, seasonal and organic flowers are often less costly than ordering exotic species, which must be shipped. Potted plants and flowers are ideal to beautify the surroundings. You can also work with your florist to design simple arrangements that use less flowers; opulence with minimalism is the mantra of green wedding. Reusing your wedding floral arrangement at your reception will give your wallet a break.

Traditional terracotta earthen lamps give the venue ethnic and royal look. Bees wax candles are suggested than paraffin candles. Beeswax candles are smokeless, drip less and burn longer while paraffin candles create indoor air pollution and are made from petroleum sludge. Khadi tents and jute products too can be used for decorations. Curtains and drapes used can be donated to local NGO after the wedding. To add the wow factor, you could hire a local artist to paint a portrait of the couple live or perhaps sketch a caricature.

Green Menu

At a green wedding the fare is usually vegetarian and the ingredients used to prepare the meals are organically grown. Using in-season local organic foods will decrease the carbon footprint while supporting the local economy too. Hire a good chef and half your work is done, see to it that the food is prepared on environment friendly chulhas. An exclusive green menu can be prepared specially for the occasion. Use reusable cutlery to serve the delicacies or use banana leaves for that natural touch.

Wedding Gifts

Receiving and giving gifts during wedding is a tradition we all love. It’s wise to make a wish list of what you want and mention it on your wedding site. Making a small donation to a cause that is important to you or planting a sapling for each guest is thoughtful. If you are set on giving a small gift, then go for upcycled products. (Upcycling is a process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.)

So is green wedding pocket friendly?

If you shop and plan in advance, green wedding is not only eco friendly but also pocket friendly than a more elaborate affair. Green wedding is a gesture of paying nature back on the big day; it has social and economic benefits too. Whether you incorporate just one or two earth-friendly elements or go completely organic from dress to décor and food you serve, remember that every green choice makes a difference.

Omi Gurung

Omi Gurung

Omi Gurung is a well known green Indian fashion designer, writer and green activist. He describes himself as a dare devil with quicksilver tongue and maverick mind; who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the founder of a social group Oh My India and owner of Sikkim's first eco boutique Green Gangtok. At a young age of 23, he worked as a fashion editor for a magazine run by Shakti Media Group in Bangalore. He enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle and social issues. At present he also writes a regular column for Sikkim Insight.