Neurosurgeon Navanil Barua prefers deos and mild perfumes in summer



In our special summer series, celebrated individuals from India’s Northeast share their secrets to beat the summer heat. Stay cool and look chic this summer with head-turning fashion trends.


Guwahati-based neurosurgeon NAVANIL BARUA shares his summer plans


Although summer is technically here, but we in Assam are a little more fortunate than our other fellow countrymen as temperatures are still considerably lower than yesteryears. Having said that, I am also prepared for the sultry, humid and hot summer of Assam. (I do not like summers though).



Firstly, dressing – I prefer fabrics which are predominantly cotton based (linen shirts, my favourite in summer). Half sleeves shirts, mostly of lighter colours like white or sky blue. Light Tee shirts are also in my wardrobe. Collarless ones are better as the nape of neck sweats a lot. Thin material kurtas, with folded sleeves (a hint of talc showing from the chest) looks cool and classy for parties too.


I prefer semi-formal, light trousers or thin denims in summer. No woolen or fleece acceptable. Loose pyjamas are good for my kurtas. Good deos and mild perfumes are very useful and so also sunscreens with higher SPF.


Summer is also tough on body fluids, plenty of water or fluids is a must. I take more than twolitres per day in summer. I stick to water or fruit juices, avoid artificial drinks. Party drinks should be a chilled wine, chilled beer or some cocktail. Hard drinks best avoided and alcohol itself should be low .


I take plenty of fruits but reduce overall food intake. Thick lassi can give the calories too. Cucumber in meals help keep cool. And nothing like a glass of coconut water after a Sunday swim!