Northeast India Fashion & Design Council (FNDC) in Las Vegas

Northeast India Fashion & Design Council (FNDC) participated in 36th Annual Assam Convention at Hotel Luxor in Las Vegas, USA this July, 2015


Assam Convention is an annual event organized by Assam Federation of North America (AFNA), Assam Association of North America (ASNA) and Assam Sahitya Sabha of North America (ASSNA). People from Assam and Northeast India residing in USA get together in this 3 day celebration every year. This year the organizers invited FNDC to present a Fashion Show and a Singer.


A small team of three fashion designers and a singer went to Las Vegas along with team Leader Meghali Das. FNDC has done a 4 sequence fashion show using traditional fabrics of Assam by 3 local designers Kunal Kaushik (Ethnicity), Tage Lucy Gamlin (DSigns Tlg) of Arunachal Pradesh and Payal Oshan Goswamy (Zaree). 20 ladies and 6 gentlemen from all over USA took part as models in this unique fashion show.


Kunal Kaushik opened the show with his traditional Chador Mekhela and kept the 400+ audience spellbound with his creations in the 3rd sequence where he showed the evolution of Chador Mekhela over a period of time by modernizing them.  Tage Lucy Gamlin used traditional fabric of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to create her Fusion Round in the 2nd sequence and displayed a total of 8 garments.


Singer Mrinmoyee Goswamy performed Folk and Assamese songs for 15 minutes including Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Gum Gum Gum Gum Meghe Gorojile. She sang Goalporiya Lokageet live (Sonar Boron) in the Finale round.


The Finale Round was done by Payal Oshan Goswamy where Astronaut Mike Finke walked the ramp along with Showstopper Preity Kankana from Guwahati and displayed a total of 14 outstanding garments made of different ethnic fabrics of Northeast India and Assam.


It was a self financed show where the designers spent money to reach Las Vegas and could recover their investment by selling their products in the exhibition held for 3 days at Hotel Luxor, Las Vegas. Chador Mekhela’s topped the list of the most selling items as we expected.


Today at Hotel Gateway Grandeur while addressing the Print and Electronic Media Medha Saikia, the Founder & President of FNDC and Secretary Meghali Das

appeals to the Government of Assam to keep a dedicated fund for the local Fashion Designers for their overseas promotions.


At the same time the Council’s President requests the local media to create the awareness about the career options available in the Fashion Industry so that young people come out to join the Fashion Industry for an overall growth for themselves and the society.