Radio has a huge potential in the Northeast: Afrida Hussain

The Thumb Print speaks to AFRIDA HUSSAIN, Programming Head – Guwahati, Radio Mirchi

You are heading Radio Mirchi in Guwahati. How do you see yourself as a woman heading a radio station?

Ans:  It’s a challenging task for us. Our first challenge is to win the heart of the people of Assam through our music and content. Being a women, I am feeling blessed that  Radio Mirchi has shown their trust on me and now its my turn along with my team to give our best.

What kind of challenges do you face?

Ans: Challenges are there everywhere not only in Radio. When I have joined first, I found it quite difficult because everything was new. However, after receiving hands-on training by top radio personalities of India who are working with Radio Mirchi, our team is quite confident.


Do you think radio has made a comeback with FM Radio?

Ans: We had seen that e-books had become popular for sometime but ultimately people choose to read real books. There was a perception that if internet comes radio will die, if television comes radio will die, but it didn’t happen. Radio is also joy of the unexpected medium. Radio has made a comeback with FM because of the clarity of audio and professionalism of radio jockeys. Ultimately, people had to go back to radio.

Did you have to learn some new skills as you were associated with Television before this?

Ans: Definitely, as it was a huge changeover from television to radio which is only an audio medium. It is important to equip oneself with technical skills in this medium. Everyday is a learning experience and I am ready to learn new skills.

What do you think is missing in radio now? How do you plan to improve the programme content? Do you have any innovative ideas?

Ans: Radio is the best medium to connect with the world. Apart from music, radio can be your best friend anytime giving you all city related updates. I am not giving away all my secret ideas but I am looking forward to make radio more powerful, much more local, much more relevant to Guwahati whether it is music whether it be talk.

How do you plan to beat your competitors?

Ans: Mirchi is the secret. We don’t want to beat the competition. We just want to be loved by our listeners that comes first for us.

What is the future of radio in the Northeast?

Ans: Northeast is actually for many radio stations like Radio Mirchi a virgin territory. We are setting up two radio stations — one in Shillong and one in Guwahati. In the coming years we hope to do more in the years to come. Radio has a huge potential in the Northeast.